PSB Synchrony T600 Loudspeaker Review Specs

6.5 in cast basket carbon fiber cone woofer (3), 5.25 in cast basket carbon fiber cone midrange, 1 in titanium dome tweeter; 9 x 41.25 x 13.5 in (WxHxD); 77 lb
Price: $7,999/pair

Company Info
PSB Speakers
(905) 831-6555
PSB Speakers
(905) 831-6555

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I'm so glad to see the test bench back at Sound and Vision. Thomas does and excellent job at reviewing and proceeds to give us some in house measurements that gives us a ideal of what's going on in his room. Bravo!

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As a long time subscriber, I always look forward to S&V reviews. However I question the real world usefulness of a speaker review in which the speakers were tested "roughly 4 feet out from the back wall".

Yes, the odd person can install speakers 4 feet off the rear wall, but the vast majority of us are physically unable to do so, even if we wanted to (it's not exactly aesthetically pleasing).

So this review is of limited value to me in evaluating a purchase of these speakers. Please reconsider your assumptions about the target audience when testing tower speakers.