A Procella is not a Mushroom

Procella is a relatively new speaker company to these shores, with headquarters in Los Angeles, Stockholm, and Sydney. Its speakers, apart from the surrounds, follow the professional, powered-speaker paradigm. That is, they are driven by on-board amps. The P815, for example (the two stacked cabinets on the left in the photo, for example, is bi-amplified with 700 x 2 watts of built-in, class-D power. That model sells for $10,000 each.

The system demonstrated consisted of 3x P815s, 2 x P18 subs (each with 2 x 18-inch drivers), 6 x P8s, and 3x P10s (2 x 10" subs—for the rears). The entire audio package added up to $80,000, not including the amps for the unpowered surrounds. It sounded very good on the music selection that opened the demo. For the movie clip from Prince of Persia, however, it was hard to tell, since my emergency earplugs went in as soon as the scene opened with characters whispering at a thunderous roar, with the subsequent action increasing to combat proportions. The Procella system will certainly fill a much larger space then the demonstration room with movie sound as loud as you can stand.