Podcast 99: Jason Hartlove

Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys, Inc., explains his company's new backlight technology for LCD TVs called quantum-dot enhancement film, or QDEF, which uses nanoparticles that emit light of different colors when exposed to blue light. The emitted colors can be tightly controlled in the manufacturing process, resulting in just about any desired RGB color gamut, including the original gamut captured and intended by movie producers. A very geeky episode!

Run Time: 1:02:53

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Jason Hartlove joined Nanosys in 2008 with a proven track record of turning emerging technologies into successful commercial products. Prior to joining Nanosys, he was president of the Imaging Solutions Division of MagnaChip Semiconductor in Seoul, South Korea, where he turned an internally focused semiconductor group into a multinational company. Before MagnaChip, Mr. Hartlove was vice president and general manager of the Sensor Solutions Division of Agilent Technologies, a Hewlett-Packard owned company. At Agilent, he led the commercial development and application of optical position sensing technology, which resulted in everyday products like the optical mouse and image sensors for digital cameras.

Mr. Hartlove is the author of more than 20 patents, including the winner of the Hewlett Award in 2004 for best patent. He has also worked in a variety of manufacturing, R&D, and marketing roles, including MEMS, III-V, bipolar, CMOS, and BCD process technologies.

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Knocking Sheldon's picture

I enjoyed the show. I watched it streaming on TWiT yesterday. I have been reading much about
NanoSys and quantum dots,but I was wondering when an AV insider would give their take on the company,let alone interview the CEO. When using a calibration blu-ray (DVE) to adjust color, I would always notice how the green and red patterns never looked right. I am glad to see someone address this by,instead of creating a new display technology,making an easy to retro-fit solution. I have never really known much about home theater or AV technology until I started watching your show. Keep up the good work.

P.S. I am looking forward to your 100th episode. Congratulations.

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But I felt more like a 3 year old with a learning disorder and God was explaining to me how He created the the universe.