Podcast 81: Paul Barton & Greg Stidsen

Paul Barton (left), PSB's founder and chief speaker designer, discusses some of the psychoacoustic research and technology that went into his company's first-ever headphones, which also include active noise cancelling. And Greg Stidsen (right), NAD's director of technology and product development, talks about his company's new Viso 1 all-in-one, all-digital stereo speaker package, which Barton helped design.

Run Time: 54:44

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As a classically trained violinist, Paul Barton founded PSB Speakers in 1972 while attending the University of Waterloo's engineering co-op program. In 1974, he became involved with the NRC (National Research Council of Canada), where he continues to do R&D for PSB Speakers.

Greg Stidsen has been an audiophile and music lover since his teen, and he has worked in the audio industry for 35 years. He joined NAD in 1996 and has been director of product planning and development since 2001.

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curtiswhite's picture

I just wanted to say that this was a great show. Your first podcast with Paul from psb was my fav. And so was this. Vary informative and educational. I cant wait for a full line of psb headphones.Also great to hear from Greg from nad also.