Podcast 118: The Chat Room

In this episode, I show you around my new podcast studio, which is also my home recording studio, and then answer questions from the chat room, including how to position speakers, the different types of 3D for commercial cinema and home, HDMI cables, the difference between THX post processing and audio codecs from Dolby and DTS, full-range speakers and subwoofers, Dolby Atmos, Disney's WOW setup disc, and much more.

Run Time: 1:02:21

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In this episode, Scott Wilkinson takes us on a tour of his new podcast studio, which doubles as his home recording space. He dives into various topics, such as speaker positioning, 3D technologies for both commercial cinema and home use, HDMI cables, THX post-processing versus audio codecs by Dolby and DTS, full-range speakers, subwoofers, Dolby Atmos, Disney's WOW setup disc, and more. The discussion reminds me of the diverse conversations one might encounter on platforms like omegle.