Podcast 112: Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, chief speaker engineer for Pioneer and TAD Labs, talks about his illustrious career as a speaker designer with KEF and Infinity, the difference between research and product development, the importance of knowing what and how to measure audio performance, how he was able to design Pioneer's entry-level speakers to perform so well, his work with ultra-high-end speakers at TAD Labs, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:08:37

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  • 1974-1977 B.Sc. in physics, Surrey University
  • 1977-1980 Research Student, computer-aided crossover network design, Essex University
  • 1980-1983 Research Student, active noise control, Essex University
  • 1983-1994 KEF Electronics, ending as Chief Engineer
  • 1994-1997 Infinity Systems, Inc., Chief Engineer
  • 1997-present Pioneer Electronics, Director of Loudspeaker Engineering
  • 2001-present, TAD Labs, Director of Loudspeaker Engineering

Here's the video of this podcast:

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Yet another fine interview. I've been thoroughly interested in these speakers since you first mentioned them months ago; I think it was a side comment you made during the 2011 CEDIA podcast. At any rate, now I think I'll wait until the newer models come out.

I never join the live chat as I work during the day. It's frustrating as I always have comments or questions that no one else asks. With Mr. Jones, I particularly wanted to ask about how the power handling and low-end rolloff points differed between the different models. Which of the speakers was he most proud of--the center, the monitors, or the freestanding? How do they sound at reference levels? And how does the center perform as an LCR? I prefer LCR's to bookshelf speakers because their midrange is often richer, but traditional center channels tended to be anemic on account of early 5.1 mixes using the center primarily for dialogue.

Anyway, thanks again for the interview. Yours is the best HT podcast on the web, by far. Honestly, it's the only reason I look forward to Mondays.

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It's because of shows like this (that assume the listener is intelligent and wants to know more) that I think you have the best AV tech show anywhere on TV, radio or the web. Thank You Scott and guests for sharing with us!

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Thank you both for your kind words! I am very gratified that my show is so well received. As for utopianemo's questions, I'll see if I can get Andrew to address them.
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I have these speakers and I love them.Purchased them in April 2012 after carefully searching the internet for the best entry level speaker system...FS51, C21 AND BS41 FOR $285 brand new from newegg....people think I paid at least a $1000 because of the punch of these speakers no matter how loud I turn it up everything is still crisp and clear even music sounds great......5.2 surrond sound MOVIE NIGHT IS A DIFFERENT TYPE OF AWESOME NOW.......MY LIVING ROOM SOUNDS BETTER THAN THE IMAX!!!!

THANKS ANDREW JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can u please make bipole surrounds!!!!!!!