Podcast 105: Mark Levinson

High-end audio legend Mark Levinson talks about how being a professional musician influences his work as an audio-product designer, the importance of imparting the emotional impact of a performance through an audio system, how the high-end audio industry has evolved during the last 40 years, the goals for his latest products under the Daniel Hertz nameplate, his work mastering archived recordings from the La Fenice opera house in Venice, Italy, answers to chat-room questions, and more. He even plays a bit on the Indian sarod!

Run Time: 58:33

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Mark Levinson is a professional musician, audio-equipment manufacturer, recording and mastering engineer, audio-technology developer, and trouble maker. He was founder and president of Mark Levinson Audio Systems, Ltd., Cello, Ltd., Red Rose Music, and most recently, Daniel Hertz SA.

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Really enjoyed this podcast. It's a treat to listen to Mark Levinson talk about audio. Hell of a guy.