Paradigm Signature Subs Will Rock Your World

Two subs in Paradigm's Signature Series have hexagonal enclosures to defeat bass-polluting vibration with six drivers inside. The SUB 1 has 1700 watts and sells for $4499. The SUB 2 has 4500 watts, sells for $8999, and will be a limited production run, so act fast if you want it. Of course all the brawn in the world still won't provide tuneful bass if your room's standing wave is muddying the waters -- but these elite subs use Paradigm's Perfect Bass Kit to measure the room and apply appropriate correction.

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Can you clarify what you mean by a "limited production run"? Is the product being discontinued, or has their parts supply run out for the time being?

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Not a Limited Production Run. Paradigm brochure states it is manufacturing them in Small production Runs.