Paradigm Persona 3F Speaker System Review Specs

Persona 3F: 7 in aluminum cone woofer (2), 7 in beryllium cone midrange, 1 in beryllium dome tweeter; 9.5 x 44.125 x 16.875 in (WxHxD); 75 lb
Persona C: 7 in aluminum cone woofer (4), 4 in beryllium cone midrange, 1 in beryllium dome tweeter; 36 x 10.25 x 16.375 in (WxHxD), 84 lb
Persona B: 7 in beryllium cone woofer, 1 in beryllium dome tweeter; 8.875 x 17.125 x 13 in (WxHxD), 31 lb
Persona SUB: 8 in aluminum cone woofer (6), 1,700 watts RMS; sealed hexagonal vibration-cancelling enclosure; stereo line-level RCA in; mono line-level XLR in; 12v trigger; 20.25 x 20.5 x 18.875 in (WxHxD), 118 lb
Price: $31,000 as reviewed (Persona 3F, $5,000 ea; Persona C, $7,500 ea; Persona B, $3,500 ea; Persona SUB, $6,500)

Company Info
Paradigm Electronics Inc.
(905) 564-1994

Paradigm Electronics Inc.
(905) 564-1994

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Darryl - thanks for the entertaining write up on the Persona's. It was as amusing as it was insightful. The Persona's are certainly beautiful to look at, and now, based on what you wrote, equally as beautiful in the sound they recreate. I may never afford a Ferrari or a Megayacht, but these luxurious speakers might someday be possible to own. (And I probably would get more use and wife approval too, then from the former two.) Bravo to Paradigm.

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It's great to dream of spending hours in the rapture of driving a Ferrari Le Ferrari, or for that matter carefully listening to every nuance of the Persona system. Sadly they will remain in my dreams.
Meanwhile, I will continue to work towards the purchase of $65,000 Mustang Shelby 350R and $8,500 Goldenear Reference Towers.
You keep on dreaming, while I rumble through the twisties in my Shelby.
Thereafter bring down my blood pressure as I listen to my music on my Goldenear Reference system.

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it would not a very good anchor make

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I foolishly made some comments prior to auditioning the Persona 3F (see my July 29 stuff of dreams comments).
I spent an hour transfixed with arm hair raised listening to the sheer transparent sound of Paradigm's Persona 3F.
My children are now in their 30's so no chance of me getting much for them.
Oh well, there's always the Lotto.