Panasonic DP-UB9000 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review Specs

DIMENSIONS: (W x H x D, Inches): 17 x 3.25 x 12.9
WEIGHT: 17.2 (pounds)
VIDEO OUTPUTS: HDMI 2.0 (2, one audio-only)
AUDIO OUTPUTS: Optical and coaxial digital; stereo analog balanced, stereo analog RCA,
7.1-channel analog RCA OTHER: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB (2)
Price: $1,000

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...rules out me ever buying this player. Sony may be the only manufacturer left that supports all disc formats (excluding DVD-HD) now that OPPO has left the market.

Thomas J. Norton writes well, but he really should limit his use of the "that said" phrase. It's meaningless words.

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In the absence of Oppo (I am fortunate to own the UDP - 205 model which is a great player), those looking for a similar player, also check

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Only Pioneer and Sony make Blu-ray players that offer SACD and DVD-Audio playback. This Panasonic would be my top choice if I did not need SACD and DVD-Audio playback.

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The Lament cries of the demise of Oppo are a year old, and still ongoing.
Panasonic's UB9000 and 820 are a close match to Oppo's 203 in regards to video quality. The Optimizer feature puts them over the top to all current 4k players.
Unfortunately on the audio side Panasonic is far lagging, in comes Pioneer Elite with UDP- LX 500 and 800. These two 4k players are a close match to Oppo's 205. Both are true Universal players (SACD, dvd and bluray audio included). Unfortunately they fall short on the video side.
Now we understand why we saw second hand Oppo 203 and 205 at two to three times their original MSRP.
As far as UHD 4k players go, my clear choice is Panasonic's UB820 (identical to the 9000 in video quality). I will continue to baby my twelve year old Universal player ( not 4k of course), and delight my SACD and blu ray audio collection.

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Luckily for me, I have an Oppo BDP 105 sitting directly underneath my Panasonic UB820 so a lack of the above audio features on the "Panny" was not an issue for me.

For point of clarification and with reference to the HDR Dynamic Range adjustment settings feature it actually offers more than FOUR settings. Each of the four presets starting from Standard automatically moves the brightness level up THREE or FOUR notches at a time which, in reality, can actually be more finely tuned by holding down the HDR settings button on the remote in which case it returns to the HDR menu now giving the user the option of moving the settings up or down one notch at a time to a maximum level of 12.

In my case and depending on the movie, it is of more benefit to be able to move up the HDR brightness settings one or two notches rather than the four at a time which can make the picture too bright (or dark) and potentially wash out some of the color.

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"Audio performance when using the Panasonic's coaxial digital output was superb and sounded marginally more open and transparent than when the player's HDMI audio output was used for music playback".
I guess the zeros and ones coming from the coaxial digital output are just better than the zeros and ones coming from the HDMI output, LOL! Unless their being processed differently, which I doubt, that's highly unlikely, and highlights the reason why audiophiles are often marginalized by electronics engineers.

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This looks like a great player...but given how few Blu rays I watch anymore I just can't see buying one. Hate to say it, but for the very limited discs I watch these days my XBox One X is good enough. I wish the age of Blockbuster wasn't over so I could rent UHD discs...I refuse to pay $40(Canadian) to own a 4K title, except for some very rare exceptions.

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We are lucky to have a Family Video store nearby. Great selection and prices, plenty of UHD releases. Perhaps there's one near you...

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Kudos to S&V for continuing to review source components and thanks for having Tom Norton do the write up. I'm amused by criticisms posted here related to SACD or DVD audio; those formats failed because they were not widely accepted and Panasonic's decision to not support them only affects the small and shrinking number of consumers that did.

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$1000 and won't play SACD? I'd rather buy a used OPPO for twice the price! Idiots. The licensing fee to Sony can't be that high.

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I just bought the same setup as the author--Sony A9G OLED and Panasonic UB9000. But I still can understand the difference between Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HD Optimizer. Am I supposed to switch back and forth depending on the software--like HDR10? You can't run HD Optimizer and Dolby Vision at the same time, at least from what I can tell.

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