Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray 3D Player Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The BDP-103 passed all of our standard video tests (3:2 HD, 2:2 HD, MA HD—1080i in to 1080p out; 3:2 SD, 2:2 SD, MA SD—480i in to 1080p out; and Video Clipping, Luma Resolution, Chroma Resolution, and 3D passthrough—1080p in to 1080p out).—DV

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I haven't seen any update on the Roku stick, is that still coming?

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I'm still waiting for a stick to arrive from Roku. Once I have it I'll be sure to update the review to reflect my thoughts on the compatibility.
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The last three years,they are number one bluray player out there,I have bdp-083 its still the best player in my house and i will get 103 sometime 2013.

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I just purchased the bdp-103 and love it. My question is what is the preferred conection. I have a pioneer elite sc-55 and a Panasonic st50 65". Do i connect it toy receiver or do i go from hdmi 1 straight to my tv and hdmi 2 to my receiver? Thanx

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First love the 103, But have to run the volume level at and around + 80-90 to watch movies (streaming) to get enough sound for the movie, Doesn't seem right! Have a 5.1 system 2 subs and running analog cables directly to the Rotel amp which puts out 100 watts per channel.
Any answers to help with this would nice, thanks

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Same problem as Catman:
BD-103 analog(ue)! sounds powerful going into NAD T753 integrated.
Going straight into Acurus 200Five ( more power) it does not reach the same volume levels. Is it a weak(relatively) pre-amp or just a bad match for the Acurus? Do I need a preamp for it? OPPO tech support says it CAN be used as a preamp, but you SHOULD use a separate pre-amp.

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Raise all speaker trim to +10db. OPPO recommends this for the sub, and adding it to the mains opens the whole thing up. Higher Fidelity and plenty volume - now 80 is absolute ceiling!