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Hi, my name is Mark Henninger and I am the new editor of Sound & Vision. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of prior editors Al Griffin, Rob Sabin, Mike Mettler, and Bob Ankosko and join this team of excellent writers dedicated to bringing you the latest AV and entertainment news and reviews. When I heard Al was leaving, I leapt at the chance to grab the reins of this amazing magazine.

We live in exciting times for audio and AV enthusiasts. Having just turned 51, I grew up in a pre-Internet world, one where magazines, movie theaters, and network TV reigned supreme. Video games were in their infancy and the VCR was the hottest new AV technology. I saw the debut of the CD and I listened to a Walkman as I rode my bike delivering newspapers on my paper route. Right around when I graduated from high school, the Internet officially became a thing. Since then, I have watched the evolution of digital technology and online content delivery — including audio, video, and gaming — grow from infancy to the world-dominating force it is today.

While prior Sound & Vision editors came from the magazine world, I cut my teeth covering AV online. I arrive having spent a decade working at AVS Forum, a community of over a million AV enthusiasts. The site was founded in 1999, the same year Stereo Review and Video magazines combined to create Sound & Vision. At AVS, I established the editorial review program and focused primarily on evaluating TVs, projectors, and surround-sound audio systems. Furthermore, I am a THX-trained video calibrator and professional photographer/videographer who ran my own business for over two decades.

Today, the technology to deliver truly immersive experiences at home is ubiquitous, with 4K streaming devices costing less than the late fees I used to run up at Blockbuster Video. There is an unprecedented amount of content available at your fingertips and the great democratization of the home AV experience is happening right now.

What plans do I have for the magazine? The main shift I envision is a stronger focus on the living room and what today’s TVs and immersive audio solutions offer. While I love dedicated home theaters and the associated esoteric gear, it is an ever more rarefied niche. Expect Sound & Vision to pay greater attention to what is achievable with a modest budget, as well as to video gaming, live sports, streaming, and personal audio. My goal as an editor is agile adaptation — it’s a brave new world of convenience, but also of picture and sound quality that exceeds what came before.

This is truly a golden era for home entertainment, and the goal is to keep Sound & Vision relevant by staying at the forefront of evolution in AV technology while charting a path that stays true to the magazine’s name.

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I’ve seen your insight on several of Scott Wilkinson’s “Home Theater Geeks” podcasts, so I have high confidence that you will guide our beloved publication to ever greater heights, and I’m looking forward to getting sound (and vision) advice to apply to my room.

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Hi, Mark. So glad to see the tradition of S&V passed to a new generation. And I welcome the new direction you're taking with the magazine: increased coverage of mainstream equipment (as opposed to high-end), and more focus on the living room. I think that people who love music and video but have mostly confined themselves to Echo Dots etc. are ready to upgrade to something better in their living spaces -- sort of like the shift from Victrolas to component systems in the 1960s. And since you're focusing on living spaces, how about a series of articles on ways to unobtrusively improve the acoustics of the rooms where people listen? Everyone agrees that the room is the most important component of a sound system, but nobody talks about how to optimize it. Today's dwellings, especially those with open layouts, often suffer from severe problems of harshness, slap echo, diffusion, etc. that Audyssey, Dirac, YPAO, and other electronic systems do not address. I'm sure many readers would welcome practical, proven advice on taming the "sound" of their Great Rooms with various forms of sound conditioning. I know I would!

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Certainly am familiar with your work at AVSForums. As a non-dedicated HT owner, so happy to hear your plan for new directions at S&V. Now entering my 7th decade and an A/V fanboy for at least 55 years, dealing with the realities of declining hearing and eyesight while still enjoying the experience is my focus from here on. Sounds like S&V will still be the place to be. Regards and good luck!

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I've been following Mark's hijinx on the Facebook "Audiophile on a Budget" member/admin. Also read many of his articles on AVS Forum. He's in good company with previous editors like Mike Mettler (his prog rock articles are awesome BTW).

Renewing my subscription today !

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