NAB 2012: Epson Moverio Wearable Display

Epson had a small booth way in the back of the South Hall, and along with some commercial projectors was the Moverio wearable display. Inside the temple pieces of these glasses are tiny LCD microprojectors with a resolution of 960x540, and the image is directed through special diffusers to appear in front of each eye. The glasses are transparent, so you can see the surrounding environment with the video image superimposed over it.

The image is delivered by a small, separate, Android-based server with some internal memory and an SD card slot. This unit includes a touchpad for controlling the system and Wi-Fi for downloading content.

The intended purpose is to visualize how rooms and movie sets will look before they are built, but with the addition of an opaque covering and higher resolution, this could be a great way to enjoy 2D and 3D movies on a plane.