This Must Be What Hell Is Like

The distributor for a new (to the USA) Swedish speaker resorted to the dirtiest of tricks to get us into their room – free Swedish food. I didn't know Edamame and asparagus were Swedish, but I guess the meatballs were all gone. I grabbed a few veggies and sat down to listen. The $1,850 GURU QM10 loudspeakers from Sjfn HiFi were pumping out a lot of bass heavy music without the assist of a subwoofer. Unfortunately, the first cut was something that sounded like Yello meets the Greater Wagnerian Society of Skinheads.

But then they put on some better music and the $2995 system sounded pretty good. Now who knows if the Sjfn GURU will end up being anything more than the name of next folding chair from Ikea, but they did sound very good and if you're here at the show, check them out.