Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Every year, magazine editors around the world solicit ideas from their writers for the compulsory “holiday gift guide.” Every year, we scrounge the Internet in search of items we think our editors will go for. ’Cause the more gift ideas the editors buy, the more money we make.

But this year, in among the normal half-hearted recommendations (yeah, totally buy your wife a pink HDMI cable), we thought we’d use the editorial freedom we’ve gained with this Tech^2 blog to show you some of the ideas we weren’t able to sell to the Sound+Vision editors.

Now we’re not sure which Grinch editor put the kibosh on these wonderful selections, or why. Maybe the products were too awesome. Maybe our writeups were too truthful. We’ll never know. Regardless, if our official Sound+Vision gift guide didn’t deliver that just-right gift for that special someone in your life, maybe you’ll find it here. But only if that special someone is “special” in the sense of being, you know, “special.”