KEF’s LSX Wireless Speaker Comes Up for AirPlay

Released in late 2018, KEF’s LSX wireless speaker provides a more compact and affordable option for listeners who might balk at the company’s LS50 wireless speaker’s $2,100/pair price. At $1,100/pair, the LSX costs exactly half what KEF charges for the LS50 while offering up a good-sized portion of its big brother’s performance.

What’s new about the LSX at Munich 2019 is the addition of AirPlay 2. Listeners can now add multiple speaker zones around their home and play music to all speakers simultaneously in Party mode. Of course, you can also use AirPlay 2 for direct streaming to a single LSX pair from your phone. Alternately, you can use KEF’s wireless app to stream tracks from a networked drive, along with music from services including Tidal and Spotify.

The LSX is available in a range of finishes other than the fetching red shown in our photo. Options include blue, green, white, and black. Also shown is the company’s R11 tower, the $5,000/pair flagship of the R Series, which Sound & Vision recently reviewed in an Atmos 5.1.4 configuration.