iFi Audio’s Aurora Begs to Be Different

With a bamboo-encased cabinet supported by an A-frame stand, iFi’s Aurora, unveiled, appropriately enough, at an art gallery in Munich on Thursday night, doesn’t look anything like other wireless all-in-one speakers on the market.

Once you get past its fancy outer shell, the Aurora sports the same guts as other high-performance all-in-ones. Four main drivers handle the bulk of the frequency range and are aided by two soft-dome tweeters and two downward-firing passive bass radiators. The Aurora also features a tube preamp stage, along with the company’s SoundSpace matrix processing to enlarge the sonic image.

Audio data up to 32-bit/192kHz is supported via Wi-Fi, USB, or Ethernet, and there’s also aptX Bluetooth. The MUZO Player app is used for control, while the company’s ART (Automatic Room Tailoring) feature taps six built-in microphones to measure the distance from surrounding walls and EQ the sound accordingly.

The iFi Aurora will be available in July for $1,299.