Wharfedale’s EVO Series Speakers Evolve

Wharfedale’s EVO Series speakers count among the company’s best-selling lines, no doubt due to their affordable price. With the new EVO4 series, Wharfedale appears to be giving listeners more for less—in this case by incorporating an AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter in the design.

The EVO4 lineup consists of two 3-way floorstanders, the EVO 4.4 and 4.3; two bookshelf models, the 3-way EVO 4.2 and 2-way 4.1; a 3-way center speaker, the EVO 4.C; and a 3-way bipolar surround speaker, the EVO 4.S. Along with that AMT tweeter, all models share the same Kevlar woofers and curved cabinet design. Available finishes include walnut, white, and black.

Scheduled to arrive this summer, EVO4 Series models will be priced from $700/pair for the 4.1 bookshelf speakers up to around $1,900/pair for the 4.4 floorstander.