JVC Goes 3D

JVC has announced six new projectors, three in the consumer Procision series (DLA-X9 at $11,995, DLA-X7 at $7,995, and DLA-X3 at $4495), and three models in the Reference Series (DLA-RS60, DLA-RS50, and DLA-RS40). The models at the same level in both series are equivalent in features and price (the DLA-RS-60 and the DLA-X9, for example) apart from slight cosmetic differences and different sales channels.

All of these designs offer full 3D, including frame sequential from Blu-ray, with shutter glasses. The DLA-RS60 and the DLA-X9 come with a 3D IR emitter and 2 pair of glasses; both are optional in the other models (the PK-AG1 3D glasses are $179/pr and PK-EM1 3D Signal Emitter is $79). These two top models also have hand selected parts and a claimed 100,000:1 peak contrast ratio. As before, JVC eschews the use of dynamic irises in all their new projectors, employing other static optical means to achieve their typical standard-setting black levels.

In addition to 3D and 120Hz capability, the projectors are said to offer increased brightness (1300 ANSI lumens). The DLA-RS60 and the DLA-X9 are also ISF and THX-certified and offer a new, 7-axis color management system (primaries, secondaries, and, oddly, orange).

All of the 3D projectors should ship in late November.

In addition, JVC retains a pair of 2D projectors in its new lineup, the DLA-HD250 (consumer line) and DLA-HD250 Pro, both at a new low price ($2995) and shipping now. These models have the cosmetics of last years JVC designs, while the 3D projectors have new casework with front and back vents and the connections in the rear.

The demonstrations looked exceptionally good, with 3D coming from the least expensive entry, the RS40. The top of the lineRS60 looked amazing in 2D on a 130" wide, 1.5-gain screen. The 250 was demonstrate in a slightly brighter space on a Screen Innovations screen with a new Panamorph anamorphic lens—the only JVC projector demonstrated with an anamorphic setup here.