It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a

Lipinski Sound had an audio/video system consisting of five of its L-707 monitor speakers ($2495 each), five L-301 Lipinski amplifiers ($2995 each, set up in 2-channel, 300Wpc mode for bi-amping each L-707 speaker, but also bridgeable), and four L-240 Powered Stands ($595 each), each of them (apart from the center) designed to house one of the L-301 amps. This placed the amplification just a little over a foot from its associated speaker. The total cost of the power amp/speaker combination: $35,035. Building the amps into the speaker stands is a great idea that more manufacturers might want to consider.

The video display was a 70" JVC HD-ILA rear projection set. The sound was forceful and dynamic, the picture gorgeous. At the time of my visit the audio system was playing music unrelated to the video on the screen, but I hope to return again to check out the system's combined audio and video performance. They have a PlayStation3 Blu-ray player on hand that should come in handy for this.

So far, this is the second most impressive home theater system I've seen at the show. The only thing keeping it from at least challenging for first (in the Outlaw room) is the lack of a projector and bigger screen. (Rooms I know that have home theater capability but not yet visited include Meridian and CinePro. There may be surprises, as well).