Kiss Kiss Bang Bang—Warner Brothers (HD DVD)

Video: 5
Audio: 4
Extras: 4

Do you ever think about how implausible the plots of mystery books and movies are? So does Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Writer/director Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) adapts, in part, Brett Halliday’s mystery novel Bodies Are Where You Find Them. Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey, Jr.) finds himself in the middle of a seemingly simple murder mystery within his first day out in Los Angeles. But Harry knows mysteries are never simple. He soon gets sucked in, along with Gay Perry (Val Kilmer) and Harmony (Michelle Monaghan), trying to find how multiple murders are linked before his is next. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a highly enjoyable dark comedy that turns murder mysteries on their head. The performances are engaging, especially Robert Downey, Jr.’s narration, and all the actors handle the quick banter superbly.

This disc does a great job showing off what HD DVD is capable of doing. The 2.40:1 transfer is clean, allowing for some crisp detail. The Dolby Digital Plus soundtrack helps add character and move the action along, although, at times, I thought the mix could be slightly improved. As for extras, the disc offers the obligatory trailer, as well as a commentary track by Downey, Jr.; Kilmer; and Black. To round it off, there’s a short gag reel with a couple of funny bits. There’s a DVD version on the other side of the disc, making it a great transition disc for your library.