Fair Game—Summit

Video: 4.5/5
Audio: 3.5/5
Extras: 1/5

A fascinating glimpse into the dark corridors of political power, "Fair Game" is a riveting drama inspired by the experiences of real-life undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame, whose career is destroyed and her marriage strained to its limits when her covert status is exposed by a White House press leak. As a cover officer in the CIA's Counter-Proliferation Division, Valerie leads an investigation into the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Valerie's husband, diplomat Joe Wilson, is drawn into the investigation to substantiate an alleged sale of enriched uranium from Niger. But when the administration ignores his findings and uses the issue to support the call to war, Joe writes a New York Times editorial outlining his conclusions and ignites a firestorm of controversy.

Fair Game looks quite good on Blu-ray with excellent fine object detail and dimensionality. Colors are strong with solid saturation and little in the way of chroma noise. I did see some slight banding in skylines, but it was hardly distracting. Contrast levels are good with some decent shadow detail. The soundtrack is more exciting than I thought with good sound design and plenty of spatial separation. Surrounds provide plenty of ambiance and even some occasional directional cues. The mix is slightly front heavy though but the dialogue is balanced perfectly within the mix.

Extras are limited to a feature commentary with the real Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson.

Fair Game is a solid thriller that sheds some lights on the events we saw a lot of on the news when the real leak happened. If you like political thrillers, especially ones that deal with true events, this is one not to miss.