HT Talks To . . . Elliot Scheiner Steely Dan DVD-Audio Update

Steely Dan DVD-Audio Update


Steely Dan cofounder Donald Fagen recently took the stage with Elliot at a Panasonic/ELS event, and we took the opportunity to ask a burning question.

Donald, with your newfound appreciation for surround, when should we expect the rest of the Steely Dan catalog in 5.1?

Scheiner: I have most of the masters. And I've mixed Pretzel Logic into surround sound, and they haven't heard it yet.
Fagen: We'd love to do [all of our albums] in surround sound, but we're waiting on the little thief who's holding the multitracks of "Black Cow" and "Aja" to return them to us.

Jeez! Do you know who it is?
Fagen: No, but we've put up some "wanted" posters and things.
Scheiner: It's sitting on somebody's mantle.
Fagen: We've offered a reward of $600, no questions asked, but, so far, no one's come forward. [laughs]