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Retrovisions Movie Palace Print ($35 and Up)
I grew up in perhaps the last era of the grand single-house theaters, and Retrovisions captures California’s great movie palaces in all their splendor, in their time. In an era of shoebox multiplexes, you can class up your home theater by bringing some of the cinema’s glorious past home.—SCB


Edifier iF350 Portable iPod Speaker ($180)
For your giftee who can’t stay indoors. The iF350 packs a built-in lithium ion battery that can provide up to 15 hours of use on a single charge. The Edifier weighs just 3.3 pounds but includes a 2-by-2.75-inch magnetically shielded bass driver for solid sound. Compatible with all iPod and iPhone models.—CCC


3M Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ($6.59)
It safely cleans a projector lens, removing dust and oils without chemicals. Screen dusty too? Same cautions apply. Use the AcousTech Big Record Brush ($37). It’s a soft, natural-hair/conductive synthetic fiber brush. A double-use gift for vinyl-spinning projector owners.—MFr


TiVo Slide Remote ($90)
Put the full power of TiVo in the palm of your hand with its fully retractable QWERTY keyboard for fast and easy text entry. Its backlit keys are easy to see in a dark room, it learns commands for power, input, volume, and mute from your HDTV and AVR, and includes built-in Bluetooth for increased range and strength.—DV

Western Digital Livewire ($140)
The Livewire is a powerline A/V network that plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet like other appliances. It instantly creates a high-speed, wired network. Connect up to seven devices along with your router, then seamlessly stream up to 200 megabits per second of HD video to any HD video display.—KW


XTZ Room Analyzer ($250)
Unless your needs stretch to the Person Who Has Everything level, this device, together with your PC, can be remarkably effective in helping you determine the performance of your speakers and room, and quite possibly improve on it. Kal Rubinson has written extensively about it in his Stereophile “Music in the Round” column, and you can learn more about it there.—TJN

OPPO HDMI Cables ($6 to $30)
Where’s the consumer sweet spot in HDMI cables? You could pay through the nose for A/V jewelry or take your chances with some online retailer’s mystery cable. But the best place to look is on the Website of the company that makes the acclaimed OPPO BDP-83 universal disc player. —MF


Wrapsol Ultra for iPod touch ($30)
Wrapsol Ultra is a precision custom-cut film claimed to be the world’s “strongest, clearest, and greenest scratch-proof protection system” for your iPod touch (and iPhone, as shown here). It protects the screen and back from scratches—and offers shock protection when dropped. Other Wrapsol versions are available for iPad, Droid X, and more.—DW


Salamander JumpSeat Ottoman ($999)
The Salamander JumpSeat lets you put up your sore feet, or lift the lid and let someone else sink into a comfortable low-rise home theater chair that won’t block your view. Storage within also gives you a convenient place to store your remotes.—FM


Grace Digital Audio Solo Wi-Fi Internet Radio Tuner ($220)
Internet Radio is awesome. It’s a mainstay during working hours while I’m at my computer because of all of the choices available. I’m even listening to a station as I’m typing this. But I miss that flexibility while I’m away from the computer. With Grace Digital Audio’s Wi-Fi Tuner, all of those Internet stations are easily accesible now on your home stereo system, including Pandora and Sirius.—JH