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Lost The Complete Collection ($280)
Lost is a TV show for movie freaks. Whether you’re new to the show or rewatching to try to figure out what the hell happened, this is home theater worthy. And if you’re going to disappear into your theater space for three months watch- ing a show (and you should in this case), you might as well have all the cool swag and runes to play with.—SCB


Warner Brothers Blu-ray Disc Restorations (prices vary)
The studio has been masterful at restoring classic Hollywood pictures up to modern-day standards. Recent notables are A Star is Born and Doctor Zhivago, where they used color-aligned Technicolor separations (red, green, and blue) and scanned them at 8k resolution with spectacular results.—DV


Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray Disc ($80)
Hard to believe, but the release of the original Back to the Future film that spawned this trilogy is nearly as far removed from us in years as the 1950s were to Marty McFly when he was transported back to the Eisenhower era. This time-travel adventure is a timeless treasure, and while the first film is the best of the three, they’re all great fun.—TJN


Psycho 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Disc ($27)
Hitchcock’s unsettling masterpiece is celebrating its semicentenary—not to mention its Blu-ray Disc debut—with a new lossless surround soundtrack. The original mono track was split into “quasi-orchestral tracks,” which were then mixed in discrete 5.1 and mastered in DTS-HD Master Audio. Now you can experience Bernard Herrmann’s ruminating, slashing string-orchestra score in a new way.—MF


’80s Movies T-Shirts ($20 each)
80stees.com offers fun T-shirts depicting scenes and logos from your favorite ’80s movies, including Back to the Future, The Goonies, The Karate Kid (1984), and many more. You can also score costumes and accessories like Maverick’s aviator shades. There’s no better gift for that movie lover of a certain generation.—CCC


XStreamHD Fast Start Package ($399)
Get HD movies—in bit-for-bit Blu-ray quality—via satellite for $4.99 each. No streaming, no waiting for downloads, and best of all, no monthly fee. Watch movies the same day they’re released on disc. It’s like giving someone their own personal movie store, except there’s no waiting in line (or online).—DW


Cheap-Ass Catalog Blu-ray Discs ($10)
Any given day, you can hit Amazon and pick up classics that look and sound great for under $10. Whether it’s William Friedkin’s cult classic or Kubrick’s 1960s-era masterpieces, there’s something for everyone. Just make sure you don’t pay with counterfeit bills. —FM


Middle Atlantic Oskar Media Tower 756 ($100)
For that massive DVD and Blu-ray collection you’re amassing, this media cabinet stores them all. Adjustable shelving stores and displays 414 Blu-rays, 360 DVDs, or 756 CDs. A wall anchor kit and extended base are included for added stability. Comes in Espresso or Maple finish.—KW


Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder ($200)
Video recording nowadays is everywhere. It’s difficult to have a phone that doesn’t include a video camera, and the image resolution keeps getting better. But what often suffers is the sound. The Q3 is out to solve that severe oversight. Its two directional, onboard condenser microphones can be accurately aimed at the sound source while recording the audio at 24 bit/48 kHz. Good video, good sound. Win-win.—JH


Roy Orbison Black & White Night ($25); Jeff Beck Perform- ing This Week… Live at Ronnie Scott’s ($20); Elvis Costello and the Imposters Club Date Live in Memphis ($17)
Three generations of rockers on three great-looking and -sounding discs. Orbison’s ’87 concert shot in black and white backed by superstars (Springsteen, Costello, Waits, etc.) remains a classic of sight and sound. Guitar god Beck playing in a small nightclub astounds, and the other Elvis in Memphis barbecues the house.—MFr