Home Theater Gift Guide The Person Who Has Everything

The Person Who Has Everything


A Room Analysis by PMI Ltd. (price varies)
Your giftee has a big-time home theater system, installed by a pro. What are the chances that it can be improved? Probably 95 percent, unless it was designed by a company that started from first principles: the fundamentals of acoustics. PMI is such a company, founded and led by Dolby and THX veteran Tony Grimani. It won’t be cheap, and acting on the analysis will cost even more. But going beyond everything usually does.—TJN


Amazon Prime Membership ($79 Per Year)
How about keeping the everything coming by shipping it as fast and cheap as humanly possible? For less than a hundred bucks a year, everything Amazon Prime–eligible ships two-day for free! Individual items can be overnighted for $3.99 each, regardless of weight. Tower speakers plus barbells to help you train to lift them. Add in the Amazon one-click app for iPhone, and your Visa bill will never recover.—SCB


Auton Dream Machine ($14,000 to $23,000)
Like to watch TV in bed without your glasses? You sure can with the Auton Dream Machine. Its mechanized machinations magically make your flat-panel HDTV appear at the foot of your bed and then send it to its hidey-hole when you’re done. $14,000 to $23,000, depending on weight capacity.—FM


Apple iPad as A/V Controller (Apps various prices)
Custom installers are embracing the iPad, with apps from some of the top home-automation companies such as Savant, Crestron, Meridian Sooloos, and many others. Once the system is installed, download their app from the App Store, enter your unique ID, and all the installer’s programming for your entertainment center is right on the iPad.—KW


Zikmu Parrot iPod Speakers ($1,600/pair)
The Zikmu Parrot speakers by Phillipe Starck look fabulous (in four different colors), but that’s not all. They’re wireless (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), stream audio from a computer, have a built-in iPod/iPhone dock, can be hooked up to analog audio sources, and provide 360-degree dispersion of sound. —DW


Amazon MP3 Gift Cards ($5 to $5,000)
People who have everything are an eternal shopper’s nuisance, but the odds are good that they haven’t yet downloaded everything in the history of recorded music. So send them to Amazon and let ’em fill the gaps in their collections. Everything’s in the MP3 format, so the files will play on any device.—MF


Home Theater Magazine One-Year Subscription ($12.97)
The most satisfying part about the holiday season is sharing things with others. What better way than to pass on your love of Home Theater to a family member, friend, or co-worker. It’s a gift that will keep them entertained and informed in all things home theater all year long.—JH


VideoEq Pro ($1,200)
Videophiles who own their own calibration equipment can get the most out of their display with this little box featuring 10-bit gamma/gray scale and color gamut calibration. Pair it with SpectraCal’s CalMAN v4.0 ($499), and its auto-calibration feature will do all the work. It’s also future-proof due to its 3D compatibility.—DV


Withings Wi-Fi Scale ($159)
No pointing fingers, but some of us need to keep an eye on things, especially this time of year (ahem). This easy-to-use Wi-Fi scale sends your daily weight to your iPhone and tracks it via a personal, password-secured Website. The scale uses 802.11g and also performs a body analysis with fat mass, lean mass, and BMI. Includes the free iPhone app. —CCC
withings.com; thinkgeek.com


Custom LED Theater Sign ($109)
For the person who has everything except a custom LED theater sign with his name on it. Stargatecinema.com offers a wide range of custom signs, including this handsome LED model available in 18-, 24-, and 32-inch heights. Colors are red, blue, white, or green, with a transparent or black background.—MFr