A High-End Makeover

Who says you can't get quality work completed in less than a week? Talk to David Frangioni, CEO of Audio One Sound & Video in North Miami Beach and he'll tell you anything is possible. He knows because he's installed a world-class home theater with high performance AV in only three days.

"This was a retrofit installation and we were required to install all the specified AV gear with little or no additional construction," says Frangioni. "The client was technically savvy and a connoisseur of high-end components, which included Mark Levinson amps, a Lexicon 7-channel surround preamp, a Kaleidescape media player, a Runco projector and processor, Genelec powered speakers, Velodyne subs, and topped off by the best way to view films, a Stewart 2.35 CineCurve screen."

According to Frangioni, the biggest challenge was installing this caliber of equipment within the confines of the existing space, which already had a smaller home theater installed. Prior to Audio One's arrival, Jim Pratt, a master woodworker had the front of the room complete, making it possible to perfectly fit the new 2.35 screen, replacing an existing 16 x 9 screen in the same place. Moreover, the current room height allowed for the Runco digital projector to be placed at the far end of the room, for a more simplified installation.

Frangioni acoustically tuned the room himself with a Sencore SP-495 and TEF Room Analyzer. These tools, combined with the equalization built into the Lexicon, Velodyne, and Genelec equipment, resulted in a smooth accurate bass response with precise imaging for an audience of twelve. Pat Bradley calibrated the video and Dan McCabe, Audio One's Installation Manager kept the half a million dollar project on track.

There was already a security system in place and Audio One did a major upgrade during this new installation to make it more functional. Prior to the upgrade, the homeowner could only see one camera at a time. Audio One used the theater's picture-in-picture (PIP) functionality to create a whole new level of integration with the security system.

There are a number of motion-activated cameras on the property. A "security mode" button was placed on the Creston controller and when enabled, if any motion activates one of the cameras, the on-screen movie will automatically pause. Simultaneously, the house's floor plan comes up on the PIP screen, flashing an icon in the part of the house that has been triggered. The camera view at this position is also showed in another window. From the Crestron, the homeowner can quickly dial 911 with a single button press in case of an emergency. The security mode can be bypassed on the screen so if the homeowner is having a party or when the security personnel is onsite, the cameras do not pop up on screen or interrupt the movie.

Quality installation doesn't mean you have to put your life on hold for months at a time, not when you have a professional team like Audio One, with years of field experience, handling your home theater integration. Of course, not all installations go this fast, much is dependant on the specifications, the space, and the equipment being integrated. Still, a pro installer can certainly make a retrofit such as this one a pleasurable, rather than an agonizing, experience.

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