Elite's Lunette Projection Screen Pulls Off an Acoustic Disappearing Act

Elite Screens' new Lunette isn't your everyday curved projection surface. While the curvature is designed to eliminate pincushioning when projecting 2.35:1 images, and the material used offers excellent direct and off-axis luminescence and color uniformity, it's also acoustically transparent, meant to ease placement woes by allowing the installation of in-wall speakers behind the screen without interfering with their performance. Basically, the Lunette offers improved audio and video immersion, promises Elite.

The material used - Elite's AcousticPro A1080P2 -has .25mm perforations in its angular mesh weave, designed to minimize acoustic damping, which ranges from .91 – 3.00 dB at 20 kHz.

See your favorite integrator for more information; the Lunette should be available now.