Do You Have GoldenEars Yet

Sandy Gross is well known in the industry as the founder or co-founded both Polk Audio and Definitive Technology. Now he is on his third launch, GoldenEar Technology. The first product range is spearheaded by the Triton Two Tower, consisting of a built-in, DSP-controlled digital amp, two bass drivers and two passive radiators, and two 4.5" bass/midrange drivers flanking a centrally-located High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter. The latter is based on the classic Oscar Heil tweeter first employed in the 1970s.

The Triton Two Towers sell for $2500/pr by themselves, or $3500 combined with a SuperSat 50C center channel speaker and a pair of SuperSat 3 satellites for surrounds, the complete package making up the Triton Cinema Two system. Other speakers are in the GoldenEar lineup as well, including smaller towers without on-board powered subs, subwoofers, and on-wall systems.