Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 230 Projector Sweepstakes

Our biggest sweepstakes ever—up for grabs is a single M-Vision Cine 230 DLP projector from Digital Projection, valued at $6995! As readers of, and know, the ultimate home-theater experience can only be achieved with a front projector firing onto a big screen, which can produce a much larger and more immersive image than any flat panel. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive type of display system—that is, unless you're the winner of our latest sweepstakes!

The M-Vision Cine 230 is a single-chip DLP projector from one of the most respected high-end manufacturers in the world. It's 1920x1080 resolution is illuminated with a 230-watt UHP lamp to achieve a maximum light output of 1000 lumens and a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, and it will fill a screen up to 10 feet wide in a darkened room. This home-cinema projector provides an advanced video processor, and installation is very flexible with a compact and lightweight chassis, horizontal and vertical lens shift, 1.85-2.40 lens zoom, and wireless IR and RS-232 control.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

aceg1aceg1's picture

Great projector. Throws a very detailed image.

GGGillett's picture

Only if I win one of these!

moonoy's picture

Oooooooooh, it's mine!!!!

rsmith449's picture

This is a great promotion. Would love to win. I would love to enter the world of the projectors.

idboy's picture

So I've never won a big thing before, this would be a really cool way to start...

george55's picture

this would be a great gift for my bday!

dudleysm's picture

Doesn't get much better!

ad6055's picture

A contest worth entering. Great projector!

JimsYZF's picture

I would LOVE to add this to my home theater room. Well, at least thats what I call it ;)

rsmith449's picture

i am going to keep entering. i want to win it...

kevinmahaney1's picture

I'd love to enter into the projector world on a high note.

cormier78's picture

New house, now a new M-Vision Cine 230 DLP projector?

MarkJ's picture

Me wants....

cjcollard's picture

Yes! I thank you in advance for choosing me! Huzzah!!!

the_mr_bill's picture

Thanks for doing this!

bill's picture

This is neat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed . . .

Ponderosa's picture

Would be great to watch movies with the kids!

yerfdog's picture

I hope I win!

LandOfToz's picture

Home Theater Rocks!

sapiendut's picture

instead of changing the bulb on the PT-AE3000U, I should just win this projector. :D

D72543's picture


rheyda's picture

I need an upgrade from my old Sony...

jobob's picture

$7K and no 3D?

sharkfood's picture

If I win this, I would gladly buy a 10' foot screen to take advantage of this awesome projector.

alanrkanter's picture

I can certainly use a nice new projector. My last one died 2 years ago and I've been waiting
for something that uses either LED or laser illuminators. Hey but at this price I'll be more than happy to change the lamp every 9 months.
Did someone say I watch too much TV? Them thar fightin' words!

beetlei's picture

Would be hard pressed to watch anything through the tears of joy I'd be crying.

sfyalek's picture

The projector looks terrific. I can use the upgrade of my front projector if I won this projector.

lcarliner's picture

A downer with single chip DLP products is fan noise, aggravated by the need to provide mechanical rotation for the color wheel, and possiblility of motion sickness because of the inherent characteristics of the rotating wheel. Also, the color wheel limits color accuracy! (The blue filter used for setting color and hue has limitations, especially with LCD direct view products.) I had proposed the use of a pair of counter-rotating color wheels to make the motion blur symmetric. The use of stobed laser or LED illumination is an alternative to the color wheel for dealing with motion blur.

hcazoo's picture

picture it in my new home theater!

kvbit's picture


just what I need for my future home cinema!

reckless1's picture

Would love to see this baby hanging from my projector mount. Truly a wonderful piece of mechanics.

lhb1142's picture

Winning this projector would certainly be wonderful as it looks to be one of the very best on the market. Of course I never win anything ...

CharlesLLandis's picture

Better than my Optoma HD66.

Synthesis's picture

can I please have it. would bring joy to our family.

avted's picture


tuand's picture

Would be a nice upgrade for my PLV-Z3

gharris's picture

This is a great marketing idea.

byrosp's picture

My wife and I are in the process of designing plans for our unfinished basement which will contain a dedicated home theatre and what better way to show it off by highlighting the "piece de resistance" home theatre magazine projector!

rosenbeck's picture

PLEASE PICK ME! could always use some new goods for the mancave!!

Mooreslaw's picture

I'd read every Home Theater Newsletter even if they did not have any sweepstakes.

NEvans87's picture

Just finished upgrading to a new receiver and thought I was done for now. But if I win this I'll probably start all over and upgrade everything else. The Kuro will become my standby. Fingers crossed.

jofarmer's picture

I already have a projector - when we built our house 7.5 years ago, I got a state-of-the-art (for then) projector - told my wife that since I was in the TV business I needed to experience what I was talking about, and would you believe she actually bought it! But that was then, and that 720p machine doesn't look so state-of-the-art anymore. I visited a friend a while back who had upgraded and boy did it look good. I came home and told my wife how much better John's projector looked than ours did. She asked what he paid for it. I told her. She said I was free to dream all I wanted to!

savefarris's picture

would love to have this in my 600 sq ft condo!

mzanino's picture

This would be a great upgrade for my Home Theater

bluepurple2's picture

Digital Projection leads the large-screen display industry since 1989, to own one would be a dream come true !!!!!

zortar2003's picture

quite a remarkable product

Zanocco's picture

This could be better than winnig the lotto...well the odds are better anyway!

Lloyd Anderson's picture

How perfect would it be to just cuddle up on the couch and watch movies all winter long on this beauty. I'm from Canada and it gets cold here!!! Wish me luck people. I want to stay inside and watch lots of movies!!! ..............Wife optional :)

x43x's picture

Let The Right One (W)in!

MULHOR's picture

Great projector! I Need one!

Curvfalls's picture

Home theater = front projector.

triforce7's picture

I'm becoming more serious about equipping my home theater. This would be a great addition to the home theater I will have in my new house.'s picture

Thanks for the opportunity you guys Rock.

maritterbush's picture

I am just recently getting my home theater started and this would be a huge jump in the right direction. Also keep up the good work at Home Theater Magazine.

henryhbk's picture

Front projection is the way to go, would love to have this!

dwightmm's picture

Fingers Crossed - This could be the anchor of a new system upgrade!

throbin's picture

is crying for this right now!'s picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win. You guys Rock

zach289's picture

I've been wanting to upgrade my Panny ae-900 to 1080p. I'm thinking the panny ae4000 would be a good choice.


zorak6's picture

Need it so!

glennQNYC's picture

Come home with me Cine. I promise to match you up with a nice Panamorph lens system, and SI Black Diamond screen. We will live happily ever after.

EV2's picture

This would be the perfect remedy for my ailing HT.

ohailryan's picture

I'm Feeling Luck!

movietime's picture

You get a display like that, you'll want to stay home and watch all day, right?

mmagdech's picture

i've been planning the theater and this would go a long way.

GramReaper's picture

Please God! Just this once! Let me...let me....get what I want this time. I would love everyone always for this projector!

alandd's picture

Since the HD input to my Sanyo Z1 just died, and I can't afford to replace it for a while, winning this projector would be perfect timing!

bradleyaw's picture

Winning this would finally get me the opportunity to upgrade my basic home theatre setup. And the wife couldn't possibly object!'s picture

This is an awesome projector and a welcome addition to anyone's Home Theater! Thank you.

YldeSyde's picture

It is so easy to M-Vision me winning this great projector. A whole new level of WOW!'s picture

This awesome projector is a welcome addition to anyone's Home Theater! Thank you.

theazhrei's picture

Moving to a new home. I could use one of these.

damonjackson's picture

Winning this projector would be a dream come true. This thing would kick the pants off my current projector any day. This an awesome opportunity and I hope to be the one to win. Thanks HT.

kjandersn's picture

Yes and it counts.

tallsweet's picture

Definitely could use this. Dwin is out of business. I am exhausted trying to find replacement lamps. And the parts are two expensive. Was good while it lasted, but I need to upgrade. This would be phenomenal.

idaho_mark_55's picture

Just bought a BenQ W6000 but this would be great!

smkillham's picture

Just send it to me now since I'm sure I'm the winner!

ddsanchez's picture

Just what I need to finish my home theater.

Douglas Walker's picture

My winning this projector would surely bring the world a bit closer to attaining universal least within this one lonely soul.

wjwcin's picture

Just need a screen now. . .

cmac's picture

this would be an excellent addition to my home theatere.

dougster16's picture

Pick me! Pick me!

thx2468's picture

I never get anything but trying and dreaming is always fun. All for the flms!!

Mitchellman12's picture

This would make my system complete.

roand98's picture

I never win these but I'll give it a shot.

sweetjessie's picture

would be a wonderful addition to our home entertainment and thanks for the sweepstakes!

OHMSEN's picture


SunriseGatefield's picture

Well, I just started the process of trying to sell my 62" Mitsubishi TV, and this would make one fantastic replacement/upgrade!! So let's roll those dice!

VaNubius's picture

I'm crossing my fingers.

johnspud's picture

This will go perfect in my 25/15ft loft. It's the perfect place for a home theater.
My Wife is a sports nut, would love to surprise her with this to watch her games.