Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 230 Projector Sweepstakes

Our biggest sweepstakes ever—up for grabs is a single M-Vision Cine 230 DLP projector from Digital Projection, valued at $6995! As readers of, and know, the ultimate home-theater experience can only be achieved with a front projector firing onto a big screen, which can produce a much larger and more immersive image than any flat panel. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive type of display system—that is, unless you're the winner of our latest sweepstakes!

The M-Vision Cine 230 is a single-chip DLP projector from one of the most respected high-end manufacturers in the world. It's 1920x1080 resolution is illuminated with a 230-watt UHP lamp to achieve a maximum light output of 1000 lumens and a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, and it will fill a screen up to 10 feet wide in a darkened room. This home-cinema projector provides an advanced video processor, and installation is very flexible with a compact and lightweight chassis, horizontal and vertical lens shift, 1.85-2.40 lens zoom, and wireless IR and RS-232 control.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

daytripperdave's picture

Perfect way to start a new Home Theater

yaheath's picture

(I hope!)

snyper1ad's picture

kpkelley you can't beat me I have TIGER BLOOD

gmanhdtv's picture

What a great chance to upgrade from my ancient rear projection 300 lb beast of a Hitachi purchased over 10 years ago. What a way to enter the 21st century. Home Theater mag is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Bouza's picture

Size does matter!

Brianhbr549's picture

3rd time is the charm

ijbe8's picture

M-Vision Cine 230 choose me

mkhcorder's picture

Read the review for this one on Looks like it would be a HUGE step up!

Flat_Out's picture

Hey, I'm about to build a new house with a dedicated home theater. This projector would be an extremely nice piece to have for it.

giff007's picture

I was just looking at replacing my Panasonic PT-AX100. Although, it will never happen, as I happen to be most most unlucky person ever when it comes to this sort of thing.

RichGalloway's picture

But I'd be happy to win this projector.

Mike308's picture

I'd love to win!

fester's picture

Just beginning the construction process of a new media room - this would prevent me from using the 10 year old projector i scored... and leave me with a REAL picture!!

itshb's picture

this would be a perfect addition for the football season in my living room

crackinhedz's picture

maximum light output of 1000 lumens and a native contrast ratio of 3000:1

is it just my misunderstanding, but isn't 1000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 3000:1 kinda low?

jkingerslev's picture

sign me up

Mike768's picture

This would be an amazing projector to win. I have a front projector already but it is not high end. I would love to use this as an upgrade.

clanging's picture

Already have the room in my new home wired for a projector. Just waiting for the Home Theater Santa to send me one.

pyukawa's picture

Sign me up...oh I guess I just did

cryogen97's picture

would love to set it up in the new house

dlantowski's picture

Reading the site and magazine, and working with you all!

SuperAgentBond's picture

We're finally building out the basement and my wife wants low-end basic. I say Blow it Out Baby!! Go for the gold and this projector would be the chart topper! I could build the room around this bad boy!! Woo Hoo!

srmancha's picture

Seems the way to go. The bigger the better. Right?

lawrocker1's picture

I would LOVE to win this projector! I have been very impressed by LCOS & newer LCD projectors, but remain partial to DLP and DP is my brand of choice, so if I'm a winner, then it will be a perfect match.

Michael's picture

Please send me one!

mdmn22's picture

Winning this would be a great start to my HT room(in planning stages now). And the winner is...

soapdishbandit's picture

Been looking into front projectors and building a home theater with in our new home. This would a GREAT place to start! :)

rvote's picture

This would truly be a dream come true.

larry jelf's picture

This is a very nice prize! As a poor videophile I would be glad to pay shipping. Thanks for the contest.

austtam's picture

let's get it.

rocky_farmer's picture

I want that!

Carycinema's picture

Will make my ceiling look much nicer!

Jeremyljones's picture

Thank goodness I follow The awesome Scott Wilkinson so I could hear about this great sweepstakes!

gufuejan's picture

only stereophile match this beauty gear,pick me stereophile

utopianemo's picture

What is the ratio of Scandinavian editors to Armenian editors at HT mag? Is it the same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns? My Armenian wife wants to know.

chrisrazzzz's picture

My kind of sweepstake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nmagnotta's picture

I recently read the reviews for this and was amazed with the out of the box performance.

Hope I win :)

tymiller99's picture

Pick me....PLEASE!!!!!!

Vexem's picture

...of a stroke of luck.

ahearst's picture

I know how fortunate I am to own ANY projector and despite its flaws my AX-100 has peformed well beyond my expectations and I've been truly fortunate to have not experienced the littany of problems some have had with it. That said, I know I'm in need of an upgrade but can't afford to do so right now, that's why if I were lucky enough to win this contest my wife and I would be two of the happiest people on earth bar none!

Charlycine's picture

Funny thing this! looked for my prior entry and it was gone. Hmm. I repeat:

Buddha wants me to win this so I can be one with the films.

rrrall's picture

Won't my wife me excited about this?!

piebaldhd1200's picture

This would be so awesome to win! I might even give it to my husband as a birthday gift. :-)

Max Media's picture


johnabbottnet's picture

I'm still watching on a Phillips HD 30inch CRT. So yeah. Upgrade.

BillB's picture

and i have just the wall that would bring out it's full size

Sheer--insane's picture

Man we have been looking at upgrading our home theater system and this certainly will help. That would be SWEET to win.

alanmalm's picture

I can just see this in my house.... SWEET!

bigpangqi's picture

i love you babe.

gadgetfreak's picture

Don't mind using up all my luck on this one time!!!!!!

sahrens's picture

Sweet contest... HTMag is winning!

10000Daze's picture

And definitely an upgrade to my 42" Panny lol !

lukecriste's picture

That this is one of the best bang for your buck projectors.

mandrews's picture

I want to win...

clcruce's picture

I have been researching projectors for a while, it would be AWESOME to win this one.

dsax's picture

pick me, pick me!

Phrank73's picture

Blamo this would be nice with my new b and w speakers

perrykperry's picture

for my 720P Samsung Plasma....

AV Pilot's picture

Winner winner chicken dinner.

nickwin's picture

Let me win this projector

mark33442's picture

I need this to make my HT complete......

oscaro928's picture

Winning this would be beyond my wildest dream!!

stevenf3louie's picture

How about throwing in a screen with it?

baylorx's picture

Definitely the best projector at this price point!

ffalzett's picture

I would like one!

Music Man's picture

Now that I going to win this new Digital Projection M-Vision I don't have to wait for Publishers Clearing House to ring my doorbell anymore!!!!

jfesdog's picture

This would be great to win. Thanks 4 the opportunity.

bobr50's picture

reason alone to build a dedicated theatre

jazzfan's picture

Can I have one? Please

gfroman's picture

I'm working on my home theater so this would be perfect!!!

jazcat's picture

Boy, this would sure make the best birthday present ever for my husband. And me too!

dagus1976's picture

Go Nuggets!

ltorgy's picture

Would love to own a cool digital projector.

MichaelJ12681's picture

I want this projector.

jcieutat's picture

Please, Please, Please!!!!!!!

rashole's picture

An awesome new projector!!!

DJRobNM's picture

She is dying...

She had a good run though at ~3400hrs.

If I win I promise to have a burial and post photos...


NotTheGeeks's picture

I want this more than anything...!!!

rokie's picture

This'll go good in our new house!

sroderick's picture

Looks awesome, would love to win!

mdevivo's picture

This would be a fantastic addition to my fledgeling home theater. If I win, everyone is invited over for a viewing of Strictly Ballroom. What, no takers?

( I joke, but that is actually one of my favorite movies.)

ktower's picture

The all too familiar noise in the news.......'winning'.....
This would be a great win.

dknht1's picture

If I win, it's a rare opportunity for me and my children and grandchildren to compare my Epson LCD projector with this DLP projector.

gerardszm's picture

These DLP's from DP are pretty sweet.

zeely's picture

Everyone knows size matters. The bigger the screen the more ladies you'll get

koiboy35's picture

I have spent over the winter building a room downstairs in my home. I have no projector at this time! This would be a Wonderful Surprise! Nice addition to the Home Theatre.

spartanstew's picture

Would love this for my theater.

Mikeypnyc's picture

I really really could use this!!!

tshottub's picture

My Planar has served me well, but its time to go.

kamshaft's picture

This projector would be awesome in my future home theater! Hope I win!