Digital Projection M-Vision Cine 230 Projector Sweepstakes

Our biggest sweepstakes ever—up for grabs is a single M-Vision Cine 230 DLP projector from Digital Projection, valued at $6995! As readers of, and know, the ultimate home-theater experience can only be achieved with a front projector firing onto a big screen, which can produce a much larger and more immersive image than any flat panel. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive type of display system—that is, unless you're the winner of our latest sweepstakes!

The M-Vision Cine 230 is a single-chip DLP projector from one of the most respected high-end manufacturers in the world. It's 1920x1080 resolution is illuminated with a 230-watt UHP lamp to achieve a maximum light output of 1000 lumens and a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, and it will fill a screen up to 10 feet wide in a darkened room. This home-cinema projector provides an advanced video processor, and installation is very flexible with a compact and lightweight chassis, horizontal and vertical lens shift, 1.85-2.40 lens zoom, and wireless IR and RS-232 control.

To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on, and/or You can enter once on each site. If you don't already have an account, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "Create new account" in the right column below the ads. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a single comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, after the entry period, one lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

isyoox's picture

Fingers crossed.

wferbeta's picture

wishing an early congrats 2 the winner!

crazyone77's picture

Always loved the DPI products! Would love to have one at home!

gerard1meehan's picture

Free? thats a bargan at twice the price!

Shevlin's picture

This would be very nice to have.

sn95josh's picture

Would look hot on my ceiling!

char_williams's picture

Transform your HT experience!

Medenyx's picture

Just my favorite Brand (besides Runco)...
Thank You in advance!

Spencerjo's picture

At long last I am finally looking to upgrade to front projection, as I shall soon be designing a new Media Room. Would be thrilled to have ownership of an M-Vision Proj! Front projection has certainly come a long way since the hefty old CRTs...

ntannin's picture

This would fit in nicely in my home theater room.

jettajack's picture

Definitely a want, but I consider a NEED!

zachmosis's picture


josh360guy's picture

...just googled "home theatre", went to your website and WOW-OH-WOW! What a way to get this dream started! Thanks for the chance!

jantolov's picture

This sure would beat my 36" lcd.

trparry's picture

This would be a perfect projector for a 100"+ screen...

ness55's picture

This will definitely make a fantastic addition to my existing home theater! My first ever projector!

eeifb's picture


Jason Priestley's picture

Now that the wife is preggers, this is probably my only hope of having a projector. Please. Pretty Please.

bismarck's picture

this would a nice present when beginning a HT build.

willdao's picture

Do sign me up to win!

lucas2365's picture

count me in!

bitz13's picture

Or at least it would in my home theater. Good things!

DCOMMAND's picture

What awesome projectors and to top, outstanding customer service. These people truly care about their users. Anyone would be a proud owner of this projector!

tclove's picture

I've been a Panny 2000AE user for almost four years and would love to upgrade to this beauty.

tclove's picture

I've been a Panny 2000AE user for almost four years and would love to upgrade to this beauty.

Schweich12's picture

I have see this projector recently and it truly is spectacular in person!

lcsibley's picture

My 60" DLP is great, but not big enough for a true home theater experience!

Winning a quality projector would be sweet! Scott W, thanks for the great weekly netcasts!

shyboy4lifez's picture

I love hometheater magazine. It keeps me informed on awsome equipment like this projector.

patesponga's picture

Ohhh... if only. (drooling)

arios39's picture

I will need to go to the store to get some blinds to cover my windows, for when this sweet unit arrives at my front door! LOL

zombie10k's picture

I'd love to see this compared to the JVC LCOS, I have a feeling I am missing out on the DLP that is so popular.

jayallen's picture

Can I hear Hello NEW Home Theater!

smorgan42's picture

why not

MPereyda's picture

This would go nice with my system. I am ready to add this and a nice Stewart Screen for the full experience!

esapper's picture

This would be a big win for my family!

PaulWilder1's picture

Might as well give this a shot.

ccilluffo's picture

would look great in my media room

Juan M Nieto's picture

that is my projector, in the prossess of being possesed, please dont drop it, it's priceless

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howiesmama's picture

I'd love to win this projector and surprise my husband with it!!

audiomaniac's picture

The missing part of my dream system.

audiojunkie1's picture

This would be great to win, a broke college grads dream!!!

mkiesel1's picture

Bring it on. Made me change my place up.

jstaples1's picture

Now this would be a nice upgrade from my 47".

BIGscreen's picture

Winning this would be the motivation I need to finish the basement's picture

Never won a lottery. Let's try out my luck on this one.

thecheaptechguy's picture

WOW! Only 4 yrs ago I was watching movies on an old 13 inch tv. Now that is an upgrade!!!

kalenberg1022's picture

I could never get lucky enough to win this...

ArtV86's picture

I would love to provide a nice new home for this projector. I have a new theater room all ready!

paulpdx's picture

I would like to win it.

moslick's picture

This would complete my HT!!!!

Toscalovich's picture

I never enter sweepstakes, but I just got a job, for the first time in years, teaching one-class-at-a-time continuing-education software classes at a community college.

The projectors are so dim I can't see them without turning all the room lights out. Also, I can't hook up my laptop, because they're low-resolution. They just will not accept my laptop's 1600x900 resolution.

This projector would be a way for me to be the best presenter in this city. I could finally do 16x9 PowerPoint.

However, if I try it on a blank wall at home, it may never make it to school!

tarheelbf's picture

This is an amazing projector!

Mkcorreia's picture

I wonder if my kids would like to watch disney movies on a 120" screen

corey0583's picture

Would look great in my dream theater... Best of luck everyone.

mtnbiker's picture

sweeeeeeeeet. would love this in home.

kabuki-joe's picture

wow, that projector would be a sweet addition to my setup. if i dont win could the winner sell it to me for cheap :D

David Lopan's picture

This projector would be fantastic while forcing the Mrs. to watch Big Trouble in Little China on Blu-Ray! Woot!!!

Nuz1's picture

Tell me I won!!

Netking's picture

Hoping to win this

Bogdobbler's picture

Let's do this.

og1932's picture

I'll put it to good use.

bwilberg266's picture

It's St.Patty's day and I'm feeling lucky! Send that beauty this way and she will have a wonderful new home!

wrinklefree's picture

Wooohooo. Let it ride!!

vondoom88's picture

Me wants it!

sblack7780's picture

This would be a great projector to have in my theater room. A much needed upgrade.

akwiseguy's picture

Which jive turkey is gon' win this?

n0b0dykn0ws's picture

I'm moving in to a new house in three months that has a room that would be perfect for this!

hightshoe's picture

Pick me, pick me!

lawn_wrangler's picture


Parbird's picture

ummm, of course I will win, I am amazing.

vinht23's picture

Winning this projector.

mhowington's picture

I am building a new house and this would be perfect.

vigga's picture

yes please

GopherFan's picture

Time to move up from 720p, baby!

motifmonkey's picture

I would love to start a home theater with this!

VOLFANALL's picture

who wouldnt love to have it

qiulaopo's picture

if i am the one.

AndyH's picture

Free ... Really ... Okay, I'll take it.

rsmith449's picture

This is the type of projector i am looking for to enhace my home theater

matt's picture

I would love to change the 4 year old Epson with a Digital Projection. The name brand alone is like changing a Camry for a 911.

matt's picture

I would love to change the 4 year old Epson with a Digital Projection. The name brand alone is like changing a Camry for a 911.

ctbiggs's picture

That's one heck of a front projector.

jokerswild81's picture


kidrada2's picture

This would be great for building my new home theater

cbdrum1's picture

This would certainly be a great addition to my Integra DTR-50.2 AVR and Klipsch Reference speakers...thanks for the sweeps Digital Projection and!

Gretnoid's picture

This would be a blessing to any home theater enthusiast! Good luck to everyone!

Gretnoid's picture

This would be a blessing to any home theater enthusiast! Good luck to everyone!

artiscoool's picture

I would love to win a projector, it would be an upgrade to my current projector, I love mine, but the black levels just don't satisfy me anymore. But yes it seems that I never win anything so this would be a nice grab.

cdierdorff's picture

Thank you for allowing us to enter this sweepstakes.