Definitive Technology Atmos-Enabled BP-8060ST Speaker System Review Specs

BP-8060ST: 10 in cone woofer, 10 in planar passive radiator (2), 1 in aluminum-dome tweeter (2), 4.5 in cone midrange (3); 300-watt Class D woofer amplifier; line LFE/sub input (RCA, 1), sub-level control; 5.9 (without stabilizer) x 44.2 x 13.1 in (WxHxD); 54 lb
CS-8060HD: 8 in cone woofer, 1 in aluminum-dome tweeter, 4.5 in cone midrange (2); 150-watt Class D woofer amplifier; line LFE/sub input (RCA, 1), sub-level control; 21.2 x 5.75 x 12 in (WxHxD); 30 lb
A60: 3 in cone full-range; 6 x 4 x 13.1 in (WxHxD); 10.7 lb
Price: $5,693 (BP-8060ST, $999 ea; CS-8060HD, $699; A60, $499 pr)

Company Info
Definitive Technology
(410) 363-7148

Definitive Technology
(410) 363-7148

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I have a 5.1.2 Atmos setup with 8060/A60's in the front, 8040hd center, and def tech in-ceiling rear surrounds, with the Pioneer Elite SC-85 Atmos receiver. My setup sounds terrific, and the Atmos height effects are amazing, especially with helicopters and planes flying overhead. I agree the 8060's sound great for both music and movies, just wondering why not 5 stars for performance?

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I had a def tech system of 4- 2006's and the 2500 C/L/R for about 3 years and I was never happy with it. If I had a penny for how many times I re-arranged it I'd be a millionaire. Perhaps it was my room that is 12X14 with 8' ceiling and 2 windows, a french door, and open alcove into the kitchen, plus a tiled floor. I'm surprised my wife didn't divorce me:). I finally went back to my old Atlantic Tech. satellite system with 2 subs. The difference was night and day. Ultimately I sold the Def Techs. and bought a new Pioneer Elite VSX52 receiver. I know I lost money on the deal but just wanted to get rid of the def techs. BTW re: VSX-52 this is one receiver that runs hot, and not the first Pioneer to do so. My solution was to install a laptop cooler pad on top of the receiver connected to my tv. Problem solved. The other night I temp. removed the pad and cranked up Pacific Rim (7.1). Fifteen minutes later the receiver was absolutely hot (not warm) to the touch. And the receiver placement is not enclosed in a cabinet.

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