Curing a Monster 3D Problem

If you don't know the drill, you will soon. That 3DTV from brand A will only work with the glasses from brand A, not from brand B, C, or D. But Monster Cable has an answer. The new Monstervision Max 3D glasses are said to work on any 3DTV.

Here's how. The IR 3D trigger signal from your 3DTV is picked up by an IR receiver that's part of the Monstervision package, a receiver that will be compatible with the IR signals used by all 3DTV manufacturers. This is then retransmitted as an RF signal compatible with the Monstervision glasses. A starter kit consisting of one pair of Monstervision 3D specs plus the IR receiver and RF transmitter sells for $249. Additional glasses are available for $149/pr. Available in November.