Can I Use Different Wireless Speakers With Sonos?

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Q Are different wireless speakers compatible with each other? I own several Sonos speakers, but have recently noticed more top-line speaker makers (e.g., Definitive Technology, Polk) starting to distribute their own. As I continue expanding my wireless hook-ups, I’m wondering if I'm locked-in to using just Sonos? —Stephen Romanelli

A Sonos and most other wireless speaker brands use Wi-Fi, but the configurations they employ tend to be proprietary, with brand-specific apps used to configure and control the various speakers in the system.

Sonos additionally uses SonosNet, a peer-to-peer mesh network that works alongside your home’s Wi-Fi and extends the system’s range by interlinking speakers positioned at various spots around the house (each Sonos speaker is both a wireless client and access point). Aside from expanding the wireless network, SonosNet also improves system stability by providing multiple redundant data paths between speakers.

Since you already own several Sonos speakers, and are presumably using SonosNet (which is optional—Sonos speakers can also connect directly to a Wi-Fi network), I don’t see why you’d even want to step outside of the Sonos ecosystem. You could easily link a different-brand speaker to your home’s Wi-Fi access point, but you would need to use that speaker’s own app to control music selection, volume, etc. Also, that speaker wouldn’t get the benefit of being linked to the SonosNet network.

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Geese, this article did not really answer the question.
Of course we all love the Sonos, but don't think it is open in any way.
Only exception to using sonos with other speakers is the Connect....
I've got 2 of them and you can use them to power whole other systems.

No way to integrate Sonos with DevTech or the other new systems.