Can I Link My AVR to a Soundbar in Another Room?

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A Can I link my Sony STR-DN1060 AV receiver with a Sony soundbar using its Zone 2 output? What I want is for the receiver to drive speakers in my main listening room and for the soundbar to play the same audio in a second room. —Lewis Starman / via e-mail

Q Yes, there should be no problem sending an identical audio signal from your receiver to a soundbar in a second room. The Sony model you mention provides Zone 2 output over stereo analog RCA and HDMI connections, and you could use either of these to route an audio signal playing in the main room to an input on a soundbar.

If you ever choose to mix things up, your receiver also supports playback of separate inputs to multiple zones, which will let you listen to one audio source — a CD, for example — on your main speakers, and a different audio source on the soundbar.