BackTalk: Woody Harrelson Page 2

You've made some pretty offbeat films. Does your taste in movies tend to go that way in general?Yeah, it does. For instance, I thought The Motorcycle Diaries was incredible. Again, humor and a great message. Very entertaining.

Do you go to the movie theater?I go, but it's so rare these days. I miss so many movies that I'll stay home to watch one of them. But by doing that, I'm missing another one at the theater that I'll have to stay home another time to watch.

What does a guy like you get at the candy counter? It can't be popcorn and Twizzlers.No, there's nothing there for me. When I'm watching a movie at home, I'll have popcorn with olive oil, spirulina, and a little Celtic sea salt. But you have to put nutritional yeast on there, too, to round out the flavor. Give it a try - it's not bad.

Hootie and the Blowfish actually wrote a song about you called "Woody." Quite an honor.That Darius [Rucker]. He's a good buddy, and I love him dearly.

You had a band of your own, right?I did years ago. I love music and would still like to do that, but there's no time. We had invitations to play in Russia . I would go someplace cool like that and just play in a bunch of little coffee shops.

What kind of music did Manly Moondog and the Three Kool Hats play?It was rhythm and blues, rockabilly - that kind of thing.

What do you listen to?Everything. I like the Beatles, Peter Gabriel, U2, Beck, Ani DiFranco-very eclectic. I've really gotten into Alabama 3. They do that theme on The Sopranos.

How do you do most of your listening?I have a portable sound system - one of those Bose SoundDocks with the big speaker that you plug your iPod into. That is good sound.

Cheers has been a big hit all over again on DVD. What's your favorite episode?Well, I really liked that one ["The Gift of the Woodi"] where I sang to my girlfriend a lot. That was fun - you know, "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly." What an experience that show was. All those guys were amazing to hang out with every day. It was like being asked to go work at a playground.

Of all the things you've done - big screen, small screen, the stage, and your band - which would you do if you could do just one?Theater. That's the most exciting thing, getting up on that stage. It's much more vital than the other things. Although sometimes you can't beat a good movie.