BackTalk: Woody Harrelson

Jamie Sorcher talks to the natural-born killer turned Nature Boy about his health-conscious documentary Go Further on DVD, his favorite flicks and tunes, and, of course, Cheers.

Which of your movies means the most to you?Go Further. It all started because I wanted to take a long bike ride with my brothers - they're major bikers, and I'm just a wannabe. We decided to go down the Pacific Coast Highway and have a bus follow us, which became the mother ship. It had a bio-diesel engine and solar power, with hemp lining the walls and ceiling. And then pretty soon I asked other friends to come along, and it turned into a much bigger deal than it probably should have been. But I'm glad I did it. We stopped and talked to people on the way about what we care about, and I thought that was a good thing to do.

I can't tell you how many people have come up to me and said, "You know, that movie changed my life." Like, they quit dairy or this or that. The movie is mostly about a health-giving lifestyle - which probably started for me just because I was living such an unhealthy lifestyle. I had to start to learn these things.

The DVD release of Go Further takes it to an audience that didn't get to see it in theaters.Yeah, that's true. The movie is really powerful because the message we're talking about - which is basically my religion - has exponential growth. If one person gets turned on to, say, not consuming dairy, then it just keeps growing because they then turn on five more people. Just keep in mind that milk is really designed to make you cow-like and grow you from very small to very big in a short time. It may taste good on the way down - from the front of the teeth to the back of the mouth - but from the neck on, your body's pissed about it.

Ron Mann, who I think is a wonderful director, articulated all the stuff that I care about better than I could have. I love Go Further for both its message and its entertainment value. When both of those things come together in a satisfying way - because a lot of times things that are message-driven aren't at all entertaining - it's hysterically funny.

What are some of your favorite films?I think two of the most overlooked movies this last year were the French movie A Very Long Engagement , which has a lot of humor in it, and The Assassination of Richard Nixon , which just rattles you to the bone. I can't imagine people seeing The Assassination and not going crazy for it. It's just a great, great work of art, and Sean Penn probably delivers the best performance of his career.

Did you see any of this year's Oscar-nominated films?I saw them all. A Very Long Engagement and The Assassination of Richard Nixon probably deserved a nod more than almost any of them. But I thought Sideways was fantastic, and I liked Million Dollar Baby . When I first heard about it - girl boxer - it sounded gimmicky. But Clint Eastwood is really a great director, and the acting was incredible.