Arcam Adds Third Receiver to Line

The memories of reviewing Arcam's AVR600 and AVR500 receivers are still golden so we were more than pleased to see a third model join the line, the AVR400. It's got HDMI 1.4, Dolby Volume, and seven times 90 watts -- and yeah, we can just hear you saying $2500 for a 90-watt receiver? Based on our experiences with the two previous models, the power spec is honest, and we expect nothing less than stupendous sound when it comes in for review, soon we hope. Ships in December.

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Hey who stole the volume knob?!

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The arcam avr-600 is by far the most musical avr on the market!! Another big advantage is the lack of useless suround modes that litter the market. Are you paying attention Denon,Pioneer,Integra and yamaha. The vast majority of people never use more than 5 or 6 so try using good amps and less processing..