Arcam to Add 3 Upscale Products to Award-Winning Radia Series

Arcam, today announced plans to add two new high-power integrated streaming amplifiers and an upscale high-resolution streamer to its award-winning Radia Series, launched last fall to appeal to a younger audience with high quality sound and more accessible prices.

The company is targeting a fall 2024 ship date for the new ST25 streamer (top left) and SA35 (bottom left) and SA45 (right) integrated streaming amps, which are slated to sell for $1,499, $3,499, and $4,999, respectively. The new models will join the ST5 streamer and A5, A15, and A25 integrated amplifiers in the current lineup. The ST5 streamer/A25 integrated amp combo was recently awarded a Sound & Vision Top Pick.

Intended to bring high-quality streaming to separates-based hi-fi setups, the ST25 streamer introduces a new high-resolution streaming platform and technical refinements that build on the legacy of the award-winning ST60 streamer to become Arcam’s new flagship digital audio player. Key among those refinements are ESS Technology’s newest Hyperstream IV digital-to-analog converter (DAC) topology, a redesigned toroidal power supply to help keep noise levels to a minimum, and a ground plane that spans the entire circuit board to effectively “wick noise and interference away from the sensitive audio components.”

The ST25 connects to Wi-Fi via the Arcam Radia app and boasts a spacious 6.5-inch high-resolution color display on its front panel in addition to offering a host of playback options, including Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Roon. The ST25 can also be paired with Arcam Radia amplifiers using a control cable, which enables both components to be controlled by a single remote.

Successors to Arcam’s current flagship integrated amp, the SA30, the new SA35 and SA45 models are all-in-one streaming amplifiers with that meld the same high-resolution streaming platform used in the ST25 with a new fifth-generation Class G amplifier section in a cabinet featuring a 6.5- (SA35) or 8.8-inch (SA45) color display. All you have to do is add speakers and you have a complete hi-fi system.

Both units bring on the power with the SA35 rated to deliver 120 watts/channel into 8 ohms or 220 watts/channel into 4 ohms and the SA45 ready to kick out 180 watts/channel into 8 ohms or 300 watts a side into 4 ohms.

Other highlights common to both models include fully balanced analog and digital audio paths, redesigned power supplies, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity with aptX Adaptive support, a subwoofer output, Dirac Live room correction, and a measurement microphone and remote control to assist with room calibration. Both are also equipped with a switchable MC/MM (moving coil/moving magnet) phono stage and an Arc-enabled HDMI port.

Hailing from England, Arcam was acquired by the Harman Luxury Audio Group in 2017 and remains a subsidiary of Harman, which itself also became a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics in 2017. For more information on Arcam, visit