Aragon Stage One & 3005 preamplifier processor & 5 channel amplifier Measurements


The 3005's frequency response from its single-ended input measured –0.13dB at 10Hz, –0.04dB at 20Hz, –0.04dB at 20kHz, and –0.24dB at 50kHz, with only marginally more rolloff at high frequencies from the balanced input (–0.28dB at 50kHz). The amplifier's gain measured 29dB single-ended and 23dB balanced. The signal/noise ratio at 1W into 8ohms measured –105.7dB single-ended and –101.7dB balanced, both A-weighted. The THD+noise at 1W into 8ohms measured 0.01% at 20Hz and 1kHz, and 0.009% at 20kHz, balanced in. THD+noise at 2W into 4ohms measured 0.013% at 20Hz and 1kHz, and 0.011% at 20kHz, balanced in.

The 3005 power amplifier's output is specified with three channels driven. Per our usual practice, we measured it with two and with all channels driven. Into an 8ohms load, with all five channels operating, the Aragon clipped (1% THD+noise) at 236W per channel at 20Hz and 280Wpc at 1kHz. Into a 4ohms load, all channels driven, clipping occurred at 263Wpc at 20Hz and 330Wpc at 1kHz. With only two channels driven at 1kHz, however, the 3005 clipped at 351Wpc into 8ohms and at 563Wpc into 4ohms.—Thomas J. Norton