Aperion Appears

Aperion Audio, which like Outlaw sells through the Internet, is demonstrating two surround sound systems at very attractive price points. One of them is built around the Intimus 533-T speaker that just recently received a positive review in Stereophile. The Intimus 633-T tower speaker anchors the other system. The larger system will soon be receiving a new review in Ultimate AV. So it was no surprise to me that it offers great value for money. The setup being reviewed, the Intimus 633 Concert HD, normally sells for $2690, and is slightly less on a show special.

The latter system also has the Intimus 634-VAC, Aperion's new, larger center channel speaker designed the way we like to see a center channel designed: a three-way system with the midrange and tweeter mounted vertically, one above the other, to reduce off-axis combing effects.

Aperion is using an HP 50-inch plasma for a video display.