A 3D Glasses Standard at Last?

Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and X6D Limited (the folks behind the XPAND 3D glasses system) today announced the "Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative," a move towards bringing some much needed universality to both RF- and IR-coupled active 3D technologies. Such a standard would go some way towards removing one of the remaining barriers to widespread adoptions - universal, or at least widespread compatibility would make it a whole lot easier, for example, to share 3D programming among friends without having to have glasses for all on hand - though the idea has been discussed for quite a while now without much to show for it.

One hopes that with the major manufacturers and XPAND on board this new initiative will have a good chance of sticking. A commercial product is said to be forthcoming sometime next year, and we'll be keeping our eyes out. And our fingers crossed.