2021 Top Picks of the Year Wireless Speakers


Wireless Speakers

Top Pick of the Year:

KEF LS50 Wireless II
(June/July) Read Review

We're living in a new era of "just add speakers" integration, and KEF's LS50 Wireless II stands out as a leader of the trend by providing certifiably audiophile-grade playback. With a pair of LS50 Wireless IIs, all you need is an AC outlet, Wi-Fi, a streaming service or two, and suitable stands or shelves. Pair 'em with KEF's KC62 subwoofer and the experience will get all that much better. $2,500, kef.com


Sonos Roam Portable
(June/July) Read Review

The first fully portable Sonos wireless speaker, the Roam does double indoor-outdoor duty by automatically connecting with your home's Sonos multiroom setup when you walk through the door. "It may be small, but it's one of the best-sounding portable models I've yet heard," said reviewer LS. $169, sonos.com

Q Acoustics Q Active 200
(December/January) Read Review

A lifestyle- friendly system with serious chops, the Q Active 200 system "delivers impressive accuracy and range from a compact wireless design," according to reviewer DK. These unique and striking-looking speakers, which use Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers, were distinguished by their neutral sonics and a deep, spacious soundstage in our listening tests. $1,999, qacoustics.com

Fluance Ai41 Bluetooth Speaker System
(February/March) Read Review

As a basic Bluetooth speaker system for the desktop, bedroom, or living room, the Fluance Ai41 offers a lot for its $250 price. "If you're looking for a turnkey stereo setup you can have up and running in a couple minutes, you can hardly go wrong with Fluance's impressive Ai41 speaker system," said reviewer Bob Ankosko. $250, fluance.com