2021 Top Picks of the Year Projectors



Top Pick of the Year:

(February/March) Read Review

It may cost almost 25K, but JVC's DLA-NZ9 boasts an impressive list of features, including support for true 8K and 4K/120Hz video. Our reviewer Kris Deering found the JVC's HDR performance to be "second to none for a projector" while a new laser light engine provides a robust increase in light output over previous high-end JVC PJs. Is there a projector that offers better overall picture quality at anywhere near the DLA-NZ9's $25K price point? We don't think so. $24,999.95, jvc.com


LG HU810PW 4K Laser DLP
(June/July) Read Review

With its HU810PW, LG has delivered its best projector yet, one that offers good bright- ness along with strong contrast for a 4K DLP model. Depending on if you need them, the projector's built-in streaming apps can be a bonus, but the key draw here is the all-around impressive video performance you get for this LG's 3K price. $2,999, lg.com

BenQ V7050i UST 4K DLP

BenQ's first ultra short throw projector impressed us on many levels with its brightness, extended color capability, and punchy presentation of 4K/HDR sources. Beyond that, it offers a very living-room friendly design plus integrated video streaming. All in all, it's a welcome addition to the growing universe of UST PJs. $3,499, benq.com