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Overall Top Pick of the Year:

Trinnov Audio Altitude16 Surround Sound Processor
(August/September) Read Review

France-based Trinnov Audio has been making sound processors for movie mixing and music recording studios for many years, all of them featuring its proprietary Loud- speaker/Room Optimization technology. With the Altitude16, it created a surround sound solution for high-end personal cinemas that brings the Optimizer home. Trinnov's processor offers up to 16 discrete output channels plus support for the three major immersive audio formats: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and Auro-3D. Following our review of the Altitude16, the company also released firmware updates for the Altitude16 processor that added IMAX Enhanced playback capability plus four additional output channels.

Reviewer David Vaughn was deeply impressed with the sonic impact the Altitude16 had in his theater: "Discrete pinpoint sound effects moved around the room in a precise manner, while the Opti- mizer's bass management allowed for a seamless transition from my main speakers to the subs without any audible peaks or dips...my system never sounded better." David was also impressed with the effect of the Auro-Matic upmixer on two-channel music: "I've owned an Auro-3D capable processor in the past, but it didn't sound nearly as refined as what I heard with the Trinnov, and as time went on, I found myself more exhilarated by the Auro-3D upmix versus the standard stereo version. It was as if I were transported directly into a live concert setting with every track I listened to."

Wrapping up his near-breathless review, David declared, "The Altitude16 may be a luxury purchase, but for those seeking an upgradeable surround sound processor with fantastic sound quality, cutting-edge room correction, and support for all the latest immersive audio formats, it's a true standout product." $18,000, trinnov.com