2015 Top Picks Of the Year Front Projectors

Front Projectors

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000 3D LCD Projector
(November) Epson’s “affordable” LS10000 brought all the stability and long life of lampless, laser-driven projection to a wider audience while delivering excellent blacks, contrast, and color in this tehcnologically advanced projector. $8,000, epson.com

Sony VPL-VW350ES SXRD Projector
(May) Sony continued to drive the price of its native 4K projectors down in 2015 with this $10,000 model that still qualifies as “feature-packed” and “high-performance” despite a $6,000 jump to its next least expensive brother. $10,000, sony.com

JVC DLA-X500R D-ILA Projector
(July/August) The DLA-X500R cost $3,000 less than the well-reviewed DLA-X700R but delivered essentially the same performance in contrast and deep native black level in our direct comparison of the two models. $5,000, jvc.com

Elite Prime Vision DarkStar 9 Projection Screen
(November) High-tech, high-ambient-light screens are all the rage now for lifestyle installations, but Elite’s entry in the category delivered enhanced contrast in both lit and dark spaces. $3,138 as reviewed (110-in diagonal, 16:9), epvscreens.com

OutStanding Screens OSS Drive-In 16 Projection Screen
(July/August) With its easy setup and good-performing, washable screen material, this huge 16 x 9-foot (220-inch diagonal) outdoor screen provides an immense picture and a giant value. $549, outstandingscreens.com

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No OLED? From what I've read in the past QD is supposed to be a cheap but inferior technology, nice to find out that it's performing better than advertised (such a rarity).