2015 Top Picks Of the Year Headphones and Headphone Amps

Headphones and Headphone Amps

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AudioQuest NightHawk Headphone (January 2016 issue, watch for our review.)
(January 2016) AudioQuest’s first headphone, an over-ear, semi-open-back model, offers distinctive design, awesome comfort, and a highly natural sonic signature. $599, audioquest.com

Audeze EL-8 Headphone
(September) Audiophiles love the transparency and detail of planar magnetic drivers, but they’ve never been a friendly load for the flea amps in portable music players—until now. Available in over-ear open- and closed-back versions. $699, audeze.com

EnigmAcoustics Dharma D1000 Headphone (January 2016 issue, watch for our review.)
(January 2016) These unsual over-ear, open- back ’phones feature a hybrid design with dynamic and proprietary electrostatic drivers in each ear cup, resulting in high-resolution performance that really stood out last year for S&V headphone expert Steve Guttenberg. $1,190, enigmacoustics.com

Oppo HA-2 Headphone Amp/DAC
(July/August) Among several portable amp/DACs we rounded up last summer, the Oppo, with its elegant leather case, slim form factor, versatile inputs/outputs, and excellent Class A/B sound quality, proved a great combination of performance and value. $299, oppodigital.com

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No OLED? From what I've read in the past QD is supposed to be a cheap but inferior technology, nice to find out that it's performing better than advertised (such a rarity).

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It is our list of standout products reviewed in the 2015 calendar year.
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