Denon AVR X4300H AV Receiver Sweepstakes

Register to win a Denon AVR X4300H AV Receiver (MSRP $1499) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Discover a whole new world of thrilling 3D surround sound with the Denon AVR-X4300H Network AV receiver, a premium 9.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with built-in HEOS wireless technology, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, HDCP2.2/HDR, MultEQ XT32 HDMI IN/Out and AL24 Plus.

With its built-in HEOS technology, the AVR-X4300H can join or establish a HEOS wireless multi-room music network, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and everywhere around your home. Share music to other HEOS devices, and explore, browse, and play music from your own music library, from online streaming music services, and from thousands of internet radio stations – all controlled using the simple, intuitive HEOS app.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

skenec's picture

Waiting for my prize..

N Evans87's picture

Got a bunch of brand new speakers and they would mate well with this brand new Denon AVR. My Yamaha is getting long in the tooth.

jf471's picture

Just in time. Please...

bramankp's picture

Winning this would let me spend more on new speakers!

coxjamb's picture

Please let it be me!

outsidepanic's picture

The center channel is out on my receiver and I could really use this for a replacement.

dcp1166's picture

Please Santa Claus put this one under my tree!!!

MrLarry's picture

Fingers Crossed it's me :)

masterklee's picture

Would love to have this receiver.

John CE's picture

I have wanted to give Dolby Atmos a try. If I win, it will happen.

Audi O.'s picture

This would be a nice upgrade.

triforce7's picture

Neat! I tried a Denon receiver for the first time recently and loved it. I had previously purchased mostly Onkyo. I still need to swap out my old TX-NR906.

Pmorg958's picture

Would love to win the AVR-X4300H, it's the one I have been looking at since it came out. I currently have a Denon AVR and have owned other Denons in the past. They make great AVRs.

Cheep72's picture

I'd take that!

jthomp27's picture

I need a new AVR!

Gf0rc3's picture

This would be awesome!

aggiechemistdjd's picture


drewdlz's picture

to win!

scottmchsd's picture

Nice receiver

Scarriere's picture

I have a Yamaha and wold like to try this Denon.

jzreeves's picture

Please let me know when you need my address.


uavterminal33's picture

I need this so I can have Atmos!

PauGasol's picture

Go Lakers!

SikesJ1's picture

Pretty please with sugar on top??

smthkat789's picture

Would be great to watch and hear the Denon 9.2!

castlespreagle's picture

Upgrade from my 3312!

ty625's picture

Have the perfect spot picked out

bklynbound01's picture

this is awesome. Thanks for the chance at winning this!!!!

TinkerToyTech's picture

this would go perfect with my new 2016 Samsung 4k uhd tv

DC's picture

Looks like a great AVR

Donald197046_'s picture

I love it I have a piece of crap!

Buckslikeafunny's picture

Already love the array of HEOS products I own. One more awesome piece of Denon kit would fit in nicely.

slgphd's picture

Thinking about upgrading...

Sticks87's picture

Please see Subject line...

Zappa-fan's picture

Hope I win! Always been a big Denon fan. First surround sound receiver.'s picture

Awesome giveaway! I could really use this as my receive just died!

toonontherun's picture

I am still using a 2309ci it is time for an upgrade!

Ericst's picture

It would be so amazing to win this rad AV receiver

mehermaz's picture

This would be a perfect upgrade from my existing 15 year old Rotel Receiver, please. Thanks!

gufuejan's picture

to win this contest^-^

sirdan357's picture

I could use a new receiver.

cmkarlsson's picture

Pick me! Pick me!

todordd's picture

It would be a nice upgrage to have.

funambulistic's picture

Looks good!

Jaymerkramer's picture

Would sure love to replace my aging Yamaha with a shiny new Denon with Atmos!

true audio's picture

Oh how I wish for a Thanksgiving gift for My daughter and son in law who are AV adrift...please help !

azrph's picture

I would love this new receiver to replace my 30 yo Denon.

jt128's picture

By the beard of Zeus let it be me

alphaleader's picture

My favorite brand!

mdwoods33's picture

This could be the one.

sjsander's picture

time for a new one

Toons59's picture

I have never won anything in my life, except my greatest gift my wife, so I hope I can win this receiver. I thank you in advance.

OHMSEN's picture

Can't wait.

dmineard's picture

I could use this Denon. Their good AVRs. Please pick mine.

Old Ben's picture

I would love this!

Spence's picture

A Denon receiver would be a delight to have!

Clifton Duncan's picture

Love Mulder's poster as your pic.

Spence's picture

Thanks Clifton.

leo90001's picture

Nice receiver. I hope I win!

mentatgom's picture

I need a receiver with more than 3 HDMI inputs!

juffalotus's picture

I just bought the avr x4200w last month but if I won this my friend will win that Ha!

No Look's picture

My man cave awaits !!

WILLDABEAST312's picture

Can I please win???

JustinGN's picture

Why not, my Marantz SR6003 is in dire need of replacement anyway.

Good luck everyone!

HMB's picture

Always craved having a Denon. My Marantz needs updating. This would be a dream come true for me.

AaronSB's picture

thanks for chance to win!

DRF2B's picture

Pick me!

Underboss2515's picture

All I can say is Wow, This system is nasty to watch movies & music sounding awesome. I have is a old receiver that needs a upgrade to have the new functions that new hd blu ray that required to hear clear sounds. Good Luck to the one that wins this baby. King Kong has nothing on me.

trhorner75's picture

Time to upgrade home theater.

SCE's picture


kofalt's picture

Would love to have this receiver...

donner's picture

I wanna win!

dgmachine's picture

Would be a good upgrade to my current Denon

Bdeir's picture

We just went through a pretty bad hurricane. A new receiver would really help out.

wgbrig's picture

This should be easy!

tjsage's picture

I have always love Denon & Marantz. I hope I have room for the items

Need a new receiver's picture

Please let me know when you need a shipping address. :-)

noirx7's picture

Time for a home theater upgrade!

Fajing2's picture

Would be a perfect addition for my new 4K TV

wgbrig's picture

Let's do it!

petmic10's picture

Nice receiver! Would look good in my stand.

jiflatt's picture


irasweiss's picture

My Yamaha RX-A3000 is getting up there and my Denon AVR-3803 is even older. It's time for an upgrade and I know that this will do the trick.

Been collecting stereo and home theater equipment since 1966

jeffrylp's picture

Time for a new AVR.

JustPlainTired's picture

Oh no let's go... let's go crazy...

Oldmacguy's picture

Hope I win!

awbryson's picture

I have an older AVR-5803 still in use

TimGoodwin14's picture

Really need this receiver!!

jaycam's picture

Hoping to win

villager's picture

A little bit of serendipity would be nice!