Denon AVR X4300H AV Receiver Sweepstakes

Register to win a Denon AVR X4300H AV Receiver (MSRP $1499) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Discover a whole new world of thrilling 3D surround sound with the Denon AVR-X4300H Network AV receiver, a premium 9.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with built-in HEOS wireless technology, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, HDCP2.2/HDR, MultEQ XT32 HDMI IN/Out and AL24 Plus.

With its built-in HEOS technology, the AVR-X4300H can join or establish a HEOS wireless multi-room music network, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music anywhere and everywhere around your home. Share music to other HEOS devices, and explore, browse, and play music from your own music library, from online streaming music services, and from thousands of internet radio stations – all controlled using the simple, intuitive HEOS app.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

dbtommy's picture

Its time for Atmos!!!'s picture

Always a very clean, flat sound.

aribraun's picture

Looks like a killer receiver

uavmatt's picture

Denon here I come!!!!!!'s picture

I could use an upgrade!

gap's picture

Gotta love Denon!

kaz555's picture

This would be a huge upgrade for me.

rick1956's picture

I talked to a repairman and this is one of the brands he would still buy.

Renwald's picture

Need me some Denon!

rayoung458's picture

i would love to step up to the AVR-X4300H

jluck41's picture

This will make me the envy of the home theater crowd.It will also be a dream come true.HELP! SAVE! ME!!!

RecordRoman's picture

Here goes nothing. Thank you.

Old Capacitor's picture

But there is no chance I will win one.

strongstein's picture

maybe time to update???

wsegal's picture

Time for an upgrade!

Funnygirl1968's picture

Wish me luck!

Funnygirl1968's picture

Crossing my fingers!

gorticus's picture

One Dendon please.

Charlycine's picture

Have an older Marantz (AVR5700). This would be my only way of upgrading. A TDO (too damn old) on a fixed income. Doesn't it make you want to weep?

Charlycine's picture

meant Denon of course

Charlycine's picture

Have a Denon AVR5700. This is only course for an upgrade. I'm A TDO (too damn old) on a fixed income. Doesn't it want to just cry?

lliw's picture

Love my current denon but new would be great

SoundHobby's picture

Love Denon!

mike.blanchard's picture

Time to upgrade my current Denon unit - would love to win this one!

Mr. Mxyzptlk's picture

I am currently in the market for a new receiver, and this model is on the short list. Fingers crossed!

jon s's picture

I never win... but if I don't try, I never will...

audioaddict234's picture

Would make a great upgraded from my AVR-3802

Mike Demler's picture

Specs look good on the AVR-X4300H, but I sure hope Denon fixed all the bugs I experience with my AVR-X4000. The Android app for that device is terrible, there's a bug in the HDMI switcher that forces turning Zone 1 on to change the source in Zone 2, and it can no longer connect to Pandora.

Indigisound's picture

. . . until I win this puppy: being doing without a sound system for a very long time (besides measly computer desk speakers...). SCORE!

hbomb7's picture

I would love to win this contest because I do need to upgrade my Onkyo to better utilize todays ever changing technologies. Thanks.

brianh's picture

Pick me, pretty please!?

eab6287's picture

Hope I win!

gjrcchifi's picture

My audiophile phriends will be so jealous when I win this!!!

cpoole17's picture

Hope I win!

Pony Coyote's picture


wineguy's picture

Definitely ready to upgrade to object based surround sound

rgallon's picture

I in it to win it.

mgfarr's picture

I'd love to win this!

ilal2ielli's picture

Getting a Denon x4300h for free would be great!

hotnix45's picture

Never owned denon before. All the new features would be great!

jutwagner's picture

Yep, this would be nice!

tperkowski's picture

Could be the reason to upgrade.

Joestone83's picture

My last receiver was purchased in 1991.I think I need a new one.

videopilot's picture

What nice upgrade from my Denon AVR-X1100W

supergurudoss's picture

I own a Denon 3312ci. It powers my two Polk Rti 12's, a Polk PSW 505 subwoofer, two Polk Surrounds and a Polk Center channel speaker. Movies and music sound amazing through this setup thanks to Denon's technology. Would love to win a new Denon A/V receiver! Good luck to one and all!!!!

Arnaud32's picture

that would be a sweet update to my 5year old Marantz SR7005!

gopherman1933's picture

When I win this you can come over to listen, however there may be a donation (?) requested.

hotdogg1boy's picture

Wow Denon! That's for the opportunity to win a excellent receiver. Hope to win!

arbysauce2000's picture

Long time Denon user

mountaindo's picture

That would be the perfect setup for me.

BacHolz's picture

My last AVR purchase was a Denon 1910 which sadly had a bad channel. Bought my current Marantz 6005 instead. Hoping to return to the Denon camp. Good luck to all...

richardt's picture

Cool,I need an update. mine is 15 yrs old.

normie100's picture

Really need to replace my X1000 with a 4K-HDR AVR ASAP. OK?

20hertz's picture

Looks like a good one.

ieatsoop's picture

Would love to own another Denon. My current one is possessed: turns on by itself, loses audio and finally reset itself without my approval. This would be do well as a replacement.

Jeff Gort's picture

I must win this receiver because:
1) My current Denon receiver has lost it's center channel!
2) The HEOS technology would allow me to remove the audio wires that currently run across my living room and into my bedroom.
3) Most importantly, save my marriage, by stopping the arguments about the wires that she trips on and prevents her from vacuuming our apartment.

skepRIM06's picture

Good luck to everyone, but I still hope to be the winner haha. Thanks for the chance, either way!!

maryannecl's picture

This would be great!!!

Blackalfalfa's picture

this would be great time if I won , updating all of my home theater system

Sohu's picture

Nice!I was planning to buy denon x2300w and now
with a little bit of luck this would be even better.

jjabbytaylor's picture

I'd love to have a new receiver that is capable of passing through HDMI 2.0!

GerryB's picture

Sure would like to Win the new Denon AVR X4300H to replace my existing Denon AVR 3313ci, So I can get a new 4K UHDTV and will also be able to set up a new Denon HEOS wireless system!

humbahodo's picture

Thanks. When can I pick it up.

bunkiesmurf's picture

looking and hopefully sounding AVR

Trek1420's picture

Looks like a winner!

billiauj's picture

My speakers need some new juice

Supaman72's picture

Please and thank you

gputty's picture

For the game room!

rookietheaterjunkie's picture

Setting up a new workout room and this will be perfect for my multi speaker set up.

mcoleman2103's picture

Hope to win!

jchang96's picture

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplay, 8 x HDMI inputs and triple outputs. It can be the brain of a my home theater system.

foolno1's picture

I've been looking at receivers because it's time to upgrade my current 5.1 setup. If I can win a Denon my problem will be solved. I won't be using the Atmos setup, at least not initially, and probably not the HEOS feature either, but I really do need the the per-channel power that this unit delivers.

markus627's picture

Hope I win!

mach5's picture

Hope it's me!

Jrow96's picture

I'm a long time reader of this website and have always used information found here to slowly develop my home theater from a cheap handme down stereo to a hodgepodge 4.1 (yes, only 4 speakers. No center channel.) system with aspirations of building a truly immersive home theater that can be enjoyed not only by myself but my family and friends.

BuzzMan's picture

Would love to replace my Yamaha with this Denon!

tystiles's picture

... need a replacement for my current receiver which works better with the new UHD TV!


wfrick's picture

Need upgrade. Merry Christmas to me?

tinytealc's picture

I'd like to replace my harman kardon



Underboss2515's picture

Oh, I hear somebody knocking on my door. Is it the ups package from denon that I won. Nope kids r trick or treat. I feel like Charlie Brown ' all I got is a rock'. Good luck to all.

joshekerholm's picture

I would love to win this receiver! I have enjoyed Denon receivers for years and this would be a big upgrade!

DandM holder's picture

My Marantz SR-96 has done it's job and needs to retire.

jonyoung2174's picture

I hope I win.

bspooner's picture

this would be my third Denon receiver if I win. I have never had any complaints

newtrain8285's picture

Newly registered... thanks for the opportunity. Great website!

msiegall's picture

I love Denon, and Sound & Vision, and winning free stuff!

hsoto14623's picture

Never have a good home theater and win this receiver it will be awesome !!!!!!!

SuperCu's picture

Already have many Denon products. Let's win that receiver!

rhirschey's picture

I hope I win! Been wanting to go back to Denon for some time now.